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2-Way SMS

Short number for receiving SMS

Assign your company a short number of four digits and receive SMS messages from your customers. Get a short number and use it for two-way communication and information exchange between you and your customers by conducting quizzes, surveys, market research about the performance of the company and the Manager.

Advantages of short numbers

Small business Big business
  • Communicate with your customers using service and advertising messages and get their responses online to the distinct number assigned to your company
  • Choose the format of a free or paid number consisting of 4 or 5 digits that include the feature of withdrawing funds from the subscriber's or sender's account
  • Accept detailed responses from customers up to 170 characters
  • Increase brand loyalty and enlarge the effectiveness of the advertising channel due to the easy memorability of a short number
  • Interact with all telecom providers directly under the same contract
  • Choose from a list of short numbers of Gold, Bronze, Silver, Standard category, according to the level of popularity and ease of memorizing digit combinations
  • Multi-channel 8-800 number replaced with a short number using a prefix
  • Uploading .CSV data or transfer to an external script via HTTPS or SMPP for further processing
To get short numbers assigned, there is no need to have a staff of programmers or technicians configuring any specific equipment that needs to be purchased. It can easily be done by contacting our managers, choosing the desired combination of 4 or 5 digits, discussing the terms of number provision (rent/purchase) and service, and then entering into a contract.

The cost of a short number

To connect a short number, one needs to contact our managers, and they will prepare a commercial offer indicating the availability of short codes, as well as their cost.
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Nataliay Martinova
Head of Marketing Department, LLC "Kaercher"

Kaercher LLC is grateful to Devino Telecom LLC for its professional attitude and timely provision of services.

Our companies have been cooperating for the past six years, and during this time we have seen you as a reliable partner who is always ready to quickly help with the provision of services, give recommendations, and also help in choosing a CRM program.

Special thanks go to the marketing department for creating a CRM club, on the basis of which you can get additional information about interaction with customers, as well as share experience with colleagues in the field of marketing.

We wish your team professional success and prosperity!

The automobile business is developing very dynamically, in addition to active work with the current client base, AVILON uses all the new features and technologies on the market, including SMS and sending messages to Viber.

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Technosila, an omnichannel retailer, has been working in the retail sector for more than twenty-three years to launch a new loyalty program for customer relationship management. An innovative solution allows tracking sales history and implementing all marketing communications.

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Small business Big business
  • 24-hour Customer Service - "we are available 24/7"
  • We will provide you with advice and assistance to choose a short number that is suitable for your particular business, the name or slogan of your company
  • Consulting and marketing, customer support "from idea to implementation"
  • Legal support as per the interest of the client requirements in case of claims from regulatory authorities

What you need to know about short numbers

Short number service is the one which allows you to send text messages or USSD requests. Short numbers are used to request information, conduct voting and connect services. Depending on a particular case, they can be paid or free. Usually, there are two types of short numbers:

  1. The numbers to which SMS-s are sent.
  2. The numbers to which a call is made.

Let us look at what these two types of short numbers are needed for and the examples of their use are possible in various business areas:

  • Requesting a callback

You cannot imagine any major mobile provider working without this service. They provide subscribers with information about their account status, the terms of the tariff, and the balance in their account. Most of the times, they hold the largest list of short service numbers which are easy to remember for anyone.

  • Discount cards or bonuses activation

The service is relevant for the retail sector, Where a chain-stores launching a new loyalty program and issues cards to all its customers, in order to avoid queues at the cash desks, assistants ask to conduct activation via a call to a short number or on the company's website.

  • Setting the NPS Loyalty Index

Most often used in the service sector, when a client is asked to assess the quality and rate the service provided or goods purchased.

  • Receiving and sending service SMS-s

A striking example in banking: a client can send an SMS with the word "Credit", and receive a message about the debt amount and the agreement period. Another example of an online store, where a customer has the opportunity to send a message with the word "Order" to the short number to get the latest information about the status of his/her order.

Often SMS contains a hyperlink for details.

  • Establishing communication with clients

With the help of a short code number, users can take part in the voting, register the code from the product packaging to participate in a draw, or answer quizzes, or send an SMS to radio or television (messages will be displayed in real-time).

  • Advertising campaigns

Short numbers are ideal for advertising. They are easy to remember and can be dialled quickly, which is especially important for spontaneous purchases because a person decides in two seconds (According to the result of numerous psychological studies). Also, outgoing calls to short numbers are free for subscribers, so they are called more often than to landline or mobile numbers.

In addition to the above, with the help of a short number, you can establish communication with people who are used to pay for purchases and services via SMS-messaging. This method is always relevant, since almost every adult resident of the country has a phone, and the payment process is extremely simple. Usually it is enough to type a small text to withdraw funds. Another plus is the convenience of payment processing: the system is fully automated.

The range of use of this service is extensive; we recommend assigning a short number to companies specializing in food delivery, transport services, airlines and taxi services, because it is quite simple. Connection from the stage of filing an application to the full activation of the number takes one week or more. We offer a large list of short numbers in which you can surely find the right one. 4-5 digit numbers are available for purchase or rent. Having agreed upon the contract with our company, you will automatically receive a common contract with all mobile providers. This means that you do not have to sign several different contracts.

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