About Us

For the past 14 years, Devino Telecom has been successfully implementing effective digital communications.

World-class services

Devino Telecom is a recognized industry expert in providing personalized communications with our customers. We have a direct connection to most of the leading mobile operators in Russia, CIS and Europe. We have accredited representatives of Viber, VK and OK Messenger services and an associate member of the global industry union - GSM Association. The possibilities of infrastructure on the delivery speed and reliability of the service are achieved through high-tech equipment and our own unique developments.

Almost fifteen years ago, for the first time, Devino Telecom Company came into spotlight offering a quality service of fast communication that provides SMS information to the target customers. By 2010, the company was already providing the various new communication channels through its services so that customers can send service and advertising (promotional) messages via email, as well as check the activity of HLR network subscribers by request and receive SMS to short numbers. In 2012, Devino Telecom set a record by sending 61 million messages daily. This success was appreciated by Beeline – an operator of cellular communications, due to which Devino Telecom is a Golden Partner of Beeline. By the year 2016, the company has been recognized by the industry experts and has achieved a leading position in the retail segment.

Today, the offices of Devino Telecom are operating not only in Russia but also in the other countries. The market prospects show that despite the widespread use of mobile platforms and messengers, SMS messages are still one of the most effective channels of communication with the customers, especially in the banking sector.

Our capabilities
We sent 30 billions sms
Speed of sending e-mails per hour
SMS delivery time of 0,7 second and less

Mailing opportunities

  • Transactional messages. Starting from 2014, all banks and payment operators of the country are obliged to inform customers about any cash flow, whether it is a renewal of the account or balance request. Keeping up with the times, Devino Telecom was one of the first to provide this service to the business sector on favourable terms.
  • Service and information messages. Almost all online stores notify their customers about the status of the order, modification of booking details or transfer of products in the delivery service. In this case, there is no alternative to SMS-communication, because not every customer does regular checks on e-mails or uses the mobile app of the store.
  • Advertising messages. According to statistics, almost 100% of people read SMS messages. This means that usage of communication to inform customers about the latest promotions, holiday discounts and special offers is extremely effective.

Popular services

Multiple years of experience in the market of personalized communications with customers allowed Devino Telecom to include the most relevant and popular services in its service-offerings to improve the business process and reduce the advertising budget of the client.

  • Two-factor authentication. Authentication method based on sending one-time passwords. This is necessary to protect the user's personal account from hacker attacks and unauthorized access.
  • IMSI-informing. The service is relevant to the banking segment. It allows verifying the authenticity of the SIM card by sending one-time passwords.
  • Short numbers. It is convenient to maintain communication with the customers and influence their loyalty through individual short numbers.

Devino Telecom advantages

Turnkey solutionHigh standardsHighly qualified support
  • We configure the system to automatically send transactional and promotional SMS service
  • We provide specialised training for ease of working with the system
  • Our technical support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Many options for connecting to the platform through Devino.API
  • We carry out a full cycle of functions: development, testing, implementation and subsequent analysis
  • Personal manager and regular reporting
  • Intuitive web-interface of personal account (Devino.Online)
  • Quick connection to the services (takes about thirty minutes)
  • Integration with CRM and CMS systems: SAP, Siebel, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, 1C. We also connect to mobile applications, warehouse services.
  • Service for generating and composing of communication
  • We guarantee the smooth functioning of the spam filter and support for individual SLA
  • Use of Cisco and Brocade network equipment, IBM and HP servers and storage systems.

Devino Telecom is a company that offers universal solutions for business.