CRM World Club

A closed elite community of professionals from the marketing communications that consists of more than 500 participants from around the world.
Type of communication
  • Trend Tours participation in international marketing events, exhibitions and conferences with a visit to large-scale world premieres
  • Online Chat – round-the-clock online expertise from club members in real-time, in several languages
  • Meet&Work – interactive, in-session business meetings of club members to exchange experience in the field of CRM marketing in Russia and abroad
  • Meet Up Sessions – obtaining "personal" expertise and evaluation of individual cases from the club's ambassadors
  • Special Event – a meeting of the club members in an informal atmosphere, contributing to the expansion of networking, making new business acquaintances and partnerships
  • CRM University - a unique training course of CRM marketing presented by Russian and foreign teachers, permanent participants and speakers of the club
Club Mission

Increase business efficiency through the development of personalized communication with the client. Training of high-quality effective work with the user base at all stages of the chain.

Club objectives

Multilateral exchange of experience, analysis and application of best practices, the development of industry technologies, followed by the establishment of partnerships between business professionals.

Our abilities
More than 250 active participants in a single online chat
10 participating countries. International communication with the opportunity to share practical experience
6 formats of direct and remote interaction of club members

CRM World Club is a solution to everyday marketing tasks, professional development, obtaining new, real knowledge and skills from like-minded people. Our expert council consists of industry professionals who have a vast practical experience, who on a daily basis face the most pressing issues of the market of modern marketing.

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CRM club meetings

Over 5 years, CRM World Club has been attended by over 150 brands that regularly attend the annual CRM meetings held in the territory of Russia, in the club branches in the territory of CIS and the framework of European external sessions.