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Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising

Unique promotional services in the databases of mobile operators of Russia, CIS countries and Europe. You will have access to advertising SMS and MMS-messages, USSD-service and various targeting options

Advantages of mobile advertising

Small business Big business
  • Advertising budget saving – the cost of 1 contact starts from 2 rubles
  • SMS advertising is sent to subscribers who have given their consent to the newsletter. There is no need to collect and legalize the database numbers
  • Different scenarios of targeting and selection of target audience: by interests, geography, gender, age, time on the web
  • Quick launch of an advertising campaign: from 2 days
  • Segmentation of potential customers into groups by interests and preferences. Creation of the most accurate target audience through targeting before you start sending SMS ads
  • Ability to select and use different message formats: SMS, MMS and USSD service
  • CTR rates of individual messaging may exceed 10%, depending on the details of the advertising campaign
  • 98% of cases of reading messages, due to the launch of advertising based on operators, provide closer contact with the desired audience
The mobile market is large, but SMS advertising, unlike other methods of advertising always hits the target. You can be sure that your promotion, special offer or information about the discount will be 100% delivered to those users for whom it was intended. Wide opportunities of mobile operators ' databases, deep targeting by geolocation, gender, age category and interests of subscribers will allow not only to increase the number of customers and sales but also will have a beneficial effect on their loyalty and image of the company as a whole.

Cost of mobile advertising

Finding a clear answer to the question "how much is SMS advertising" is not easy. Prices may vary depending on the mobile operator, the number of subscribers for which the communication will be created, the targeting criteria and SMS length. It should be noted that in practice the length of one SMS is 70 Russian and 160 Latin characters, which is often not enough to provide information to the user. For more information about the final cost of SMS advertising for your company, contact our managers.
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Nataliay Martinova
Head of Marketing Department, LLC "Kaercher"

Kaercher LLC is grateful to Devino Telecom LLC for its professional attitude and timely provision of services.

Our companies have been cooperating for the past six years, and during this time we have seen you as a reliable partner who is always ready to quickly help with the provision of services, give recommendations, and also help in choosing a CRM program.

Special thanks go to the marketing department for creating a CRM club, on the basis of which you can get additional information about interaction with customers, as well as share experience with colleagues in the field of marketing.

We wish your team professional success and prosperity!

Now "Posuda Center" is a federal-level trading network that occupies a leading position in the market of dishware and household goods of the West Siberian economic region.

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The leader of the Russian home and interior goods market has decided to increase the budget for SMS communications three times. Thus, the share of the cost of SMS information has increased from 10 percent of the marketing budget to almost 40%.

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Small business Big business
  • 24-hour Customer Service - "we are available 24/7"
  • We will tell you how to prepare the correct distribution of SMS advertising by geotargeting, gender, age and customer interests, to get the maximum effect
  • Consulting and marketing, customer support "from idea to implementation"
  • Legal support as per the interest of client requirements in case of claims from regulatory authorities

How SMS advertising works

Nowadays, advertising SMS messaging opens up new horizons in business processes at various levels. At the same time, it shows amazing efficiency: almost 100% of recipients open and read the message. And if the SMS text was composed correctly and could interest a person, the probability that they want to take advantage of the proposed discount is very high. Examples of business areas in which advertising provides several advantages:

  • Beauty salons and medical clinics

Creating a mailing list does not require complex organizational or technological knowledge. An ordinary employee or administrator can handle the preparation process. The financial aspect is also simple, the principle and cost of sending messages are specified in the personal account and are always available for online viewing and informing management or for invoicing accounting. SMS advertising can be carried out not only on the basis of operators, but also based on the internal database of the customer. In this case, it is not perceived as spam, because SMS comes only to those who have agreed to the newsletter, and therefore are ready to receive promotional offers. Often, customers specifically expect news about discounts and promotions to save personal expenses.

  • Travel agencies

Wide coverage of subscribers of mobile operators and setting unique targeting allows you to bring to the client special conditions or prices for tours, tickets, hotels. Availability of a short number provides an opportunity for dialogue with a potential client who is interested in your offer.

  • Banks

The customer adjusts the settings of receiving SMS advertising by subscribers at a predetermined time. Thanks to the capabilities of the Personal Cabinet, messages are tracked from the moment of sending to the last stage of being received and read by the user.

  • Transport services

Possibility of sending by geolocation in a given time interval can stimulate sales growth, and the cost of one contact can start from one ruble. This makes mobile advertising profitable and accessible. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say for sure how much it costs to SEND SMS advertising: the price is calculated individually based on the size of the customer base, geography and other settings that the customer wants to set.

  • Online stores

The extensive database provided by mobile operators allows you to promote your content within one region and establish new channels of communication with customers from other regions, which significantly expands the possible customers area. According to statistics, every adult resident of the country has at least one active SIM card, respectively, each of them is your potential customer.

  • Cafes and restaurants

A wide range of scenarios and segments of the advertising campaign significantly affects the increase in customer loyalty and sales. Due to instantaneous distribution, the customer can get a quick response to your offer from the audience in the form of orders or bookings, quickly generating the return on the investment for your newsletter.

  • Marketing agencies

SMS newsletters always reach the destination. Even if the subscriber is temporarily unavailable or out of the network activity zone, a message will reach the addressee immediately after it enters on the network. To date, no other method of advertising can boast of such reliability, and the possibility of combining communication with other advertising channels can increase the overall positive response.