Main events from the life of the company and mobile marketing
According to the tradition, Devino Telecom will celebrate its birthday in the warm circle of colleagues, clients and partners.
The duties of Devino Telecom include user authentication in the channel’s mobile application by means of SMS. Integration is enabled by HTTP protocol.
DevinoTelecom joined the rating “Employers of Russia” made by HeadHunter and Kommersant Publishing House.
The mobile marketing operator will take part in the X-th International Congress for C-Suite of Big Retail, E-commerce and multi-channel networks to take place April 16-17.
The workshop called “Copyright in SMS Marketing” which took place on March 4 registered a 500-th participant of Devino Telecom corporate training program.
Devino Telecom offers a new service of customer database update. It allows obtaining subscribers’ consents to bulk-SMS in the format which fully conforms to the current legislation.
Web Summit is one of the main technological events in Europe, which for the tenth time gather together entrepreneurs, investors, IT experts, developers, designers, marketers and journalists who come to the summit to listen about new trends, technological innovations and changes in the world of information technology.
On the improvised culinary arena in hospitable studio of the restaurant Donna Margarita took place friendly culinary duel in honor of the Birthday of Devino Telecom company.
In case of your clients don’t receive the message on Viber it will be sent by SMS.
Opening of official office will allow to create the most convenient and favorable conditions for the clients of Minsk and the Republic of Belarus, it will allow to increase the effectiveness of mobile communications and develop successful CRM-strategies.
A multi-industry forum will combine best presentations related to marketing management, PR and Digital.
Something more than half of Russians (53%) have no plans to travel outside Russia for May holidays.
The mobile marketing operator Devino Telecom is recognized the leader by traffic volume in SMS-notification for retail.
In 2015, Devino Telecom celebrated its 10th anniversary and asserted its leadership in SMS-messaging industry in the retail segment.
Section Solutions on its API Documents tab contains the new versions of standard REST and SOAP protocols.
We are glad that you chose us, and in return we give you 2 months of free servicing by Devino Telecom!
Along with planning SMS campaigns with managers, and 24/7 technical support SMS-informing users will be able to add a number of services that will considerably improve their informational and advertising communication.
Today the technical capacities of Devino Telecom in terms of speed and infrastructure reliability approach those of the “Big Troika” operators.
Devino Telecom runs trainings in mobile marketing to improve effectiveness of this communication channel and reduce the negative reaction of bulk-SMS and -Email recipients.
The company Devino Telecom has become an associate of the global industry union GSM Association.

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