Devino Telecom and CRM World Club member of international CRM Conference: Sales, Services, Solutions

For the first time our professional community CRM World Club will become a participant of the international event - "CRM Conference: Sales, Services, Solutions".

In April, the club's experts will perform and share expertise in the field of CRM-marketing and loyalty.

Ambassadors club Ekaterina Mikhailova (Crossroads) and Ivan Slugovina (L'etoile) will participate in the innovation session - CRM-technology in the era of digital transformation. Permanent member of CRM Club Alena Semichastnova ( during the practical session, will present his case: "Analytical CRM: from segmentation to sales history".


In conditions of high competition, globalization of consumer markets and rapid development of digital technologies, CRM is the most relevant, customer-oriented approach in business!

Participation in the forum will help answer questions:

  • Where to start and how to understand if the business is ready for CRM?
  • Data: how to collect, what to collect, how to store?
  • How and what to analyze and how to build segments?
  • How to form a future proposal?

The forum will be useful for owners and CEOS of companies working with large amounts of client data, Directors of business development and COO, sales and marketing Directors, heads of IT departments, customer services departments, contact centers, as well as specialists associated with the optimization of business processes and improving the quality of customer service.

The detailed program of the event can be found by clicking on the link.

We invite you to visit the event and support the experts of CRM World Club in Riga!