Devino Telecom Blocks Drug Ad Messages

The bulk-SMS market is growing rapidly every year. So is the social responsibility that the operators bear for the information they disseminate.

Devino Telecom runs SMS checkup with direct participation of in-house experts. A moderator reads the message text to make sure it conforms to the law. The filter highlights the words that are registered in the spam-base. But as a rule, illegal SMS-advertising is hidden behind innocent words. That is the reason why Devino Telecom experts further verify the information posted in a message. In case of doubt, the moderators call on the given numbers or check the web-sites. Often they discover advertisements of drugs, casinos or brothels.

Each message is evaluated by two moderators before being released for dissemination. The corporate spam-words base is updated daily to factor in ever new contrivances which the authors of illegal messages resort to. Often messages require special attention and a practiced eye of the moderators. Examples of illegal messages blocked by Devino Telecom:

“We read camomile leaves. 100% result”, “Flowers shop on the ring (underground) line. Fresh supplies: Camomile” – drug sale.

“Hi, working in Ryazanka (Ryazansky prospect in Moscow), 24 hours!” - advertising of a brothel.

All messages like this are blocked which is reported to the sender. Often the authors of illegal bulk-messages are customers of SMS-aggregators. That is why messages from these companies undergo mandatory moderation. Messages from well-known companies are not moderated, e.g. from retail chains and banks.

At the moment the company experts moderate more than 20% of the total traffic. According to the data provided by Devino Telecom analytic centre, just in June 2014 “live” moderation covered 83,318,000 messages. As expected, the percentage of moderated traffic will be increased in September, 2014. It is noteworthy that this type of moderation does not affect the speed of customer service.