Devino Telecom Chose Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Devino Telecom is an international operator providing notification and communication services based on SMS-, Email- and USSD-technologies.

The company has been operating in Russia and CIS countries since 2005 providing comprehensive services and solutions based on mobile communications for banks, large media-holdings, international retail chains and national content-providers. Its three in-house SMS-centres with direct connection to mobile operators altogether cover more than 850 networks in 220 countries worldwide.

“Cyber-attacks on large companies gain momentum every year, with their offensive powers rising incrementally. On top of that, there are other threats that may result in the loss of crucial corporate information and undermine the company operation. That is why Devino Telecom set about looking for a reliable product to protect business-information. After investigating the solutions by leading vendors, we opted for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business and purchased it from Softkey”, said Yaroslav Levin, Head of System Administration Department, Devino Telecom.

Implementation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business was a major decision for Devino Telecom ensuring a consistently high level of protection against all types of contemporary cyber-threats. It combines simple installation and setup and high-end security technologies for corporate IT-infrastructure, thanks to which Devino Telecom workstations received high-class protection immediately after the solution had been integrated.

“Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business proved Kaspersky Laboratory as rightfully one of the best producers of anti-virus solutions. Having seen the product “in action”, we are convinced of its effectiveness”, added Yaroslav Levin, Head of System Administration Department, Devino Telecom.