An official office of the Devino Telecom is opening in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The company Devino Telecom keeps moving and continues the development by rapid steps. This week, the company opens official office in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Devino Telecom is the center of competence and communication practices. The structure of the company allows quickly build professional teams to find effective solutions for problems. Opening of official office will allow to create the most favorable conditions for the clients of Astana and The Republic of Kazakhstan, it will allow to increase the effectiveness of mobile communications and develop successful CRM-strategies.

Benefits to clients are obvious. The official office will allow to the clients from The Republic of Kazakhstan to use all the industry expertise of Devino Telecom.

All services of Devino Telecom are available for clients of official office: SMS bulk messaging and E-mail messaging, SMS receipt, HLR enquiry (verification of the status of numbers), mobile advertising, bulk on messengers, push-notifications, IMSI Authentication Service, Actualization and also all the competence which have head office experts:

  • External Expertise in the Development of a CRM-strategy
  • Development of SMS-Based Dialogue Communications
  • CRM-Base Replenishing Strategies
  • Setting Loyalty Indices (CSI, NPS)
  • Issuance of Cross-Channel Communication Cards.