Devino Telecom team at Mobile World Congress

Devino Telecom team took part in Mobile World Congress and presents to your attention the main trends that were discussed during four days at eight huge venues Fira Barcelona and Fira Montjuic.

The most significant event of the year in the mobile world – Mobile World Congress has just ended.

MWC is an international exhibition that presents the world's best innovations in the field of mobile technologies and solutions. The event has been held in the capital of Catalonia since 2006.

The first mobile world Congress was held in 1987 under the title "pan-European digital conference". Over the years, the name has changed several times: in 2001 it was called the 3GSM world Congress, and in 2005 the GSM world Congress. In 2008, it was named Mobile World Congress.

This year it was visited by more than 100 000 guests. It brings together leading representatives of the industry - Telecom operators, mobile device manufacturers and multiservice providers. During the event, top management of companies that occupy leading positions in the market (Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Vodafone, LG. Samsung, Sony, ZTE, HTC, Wiko, BlackBerry, Intel, Ericsson, Panasonic, Epson, Cisco) holds meetings and seminars to discuss current topics in the mobile industry, as well as prospects for the development of the industry and technology of the future.

Devino Telecom team also took part in this Grand event, and here are the main trends that were discussed during the four days at eight huge venues Fira Barcelona and Fira Montjuic.

First of all, it should be noted the level of organization of the Congress. Input and registration there was practically no queue, and it's at 100 000 participants. After registration, it was possible to go consistently through all the pavilions and join the future and the most current trends.

Here the undoubted leadership behind 5g technology. Mobile operators put 5G as the main technology of the near future. Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Samsung, ZTE, Alcatel, Sony and other manufacturers show smartphones with 5G support and a lot of cases of application of new generation networks.

5G — technology is not so much for ordinary smartphone users, but for solving business problems: high speed connection allows to use it in areas where the delay and accuracy is critical — for example, for operations in medicine or in complex industrial industries.

Vodafone operator and the government of Catalonia told MWC how they use 5G to equip ambulances in the region: employees receive recommendations for carrying and supporting the patient in real time – this will help them to better navigate the situation on the roads and quickly arrive at the scene.

The second and obviously no less important trend is flexible screens.

Нuawei showed smartphone Mate X that turns into a tablet. According to the CEO, Mate X can withstand up to 100 thousand decompositions. A few days before the exhibition your phone Galaxy the Samsung Fold, and Royole: FlexPai it is already available online.

And, of course – a safe Internet of things. The vulnerability of mobile, IoT-and 5G-devices was discussed at their stands, for example, the manufacturer of antivirus McAfee and Kaspersky Lab together with the manufacturer of prostheses "Motility", which jointly investigate the problems of bionic prostheses connected to the network, and the Israeli project Nano Lock Security presented its own technology for protecting objects of the "Internet of things".

For its part, the team Devino Telecom held more than 30 meetings over 2 days of Congress, exchanged contacts with aggregators operating in Europe, manufacturers chat-bots, and companies that collect big date on clients, and communicated with the robot by Sofia, who bravely answered questions of participants of the Congress.