Devino Telecom legalizes subscriber database for SMS mass messaging

Devino Telecom presents a new service for actualizing the client database. Actualization will allow to obtain the consent of the subscribers for the messaging in a completely corresponding to the current legislation format.

Moreover the service will allow to exclude subscribers that didn’t give their consent or don’t want to receive SMS any longer from the database. Thus it will be possible to decrease the negativity level in unwanted SMS messages and avoid fines for breaking the laws “On advertising” and “On communication”.

Devino Telecom actualizes the database and obtains consent of SMS-informing subscribers with the existing clients database. Collecting consents of SMS-informing subscribers is carried out taking into account Federal Antimonopoly Service, mobile operators and legislative requirements.

Database actualization and consent collection is carried out using the telephone number in the database with the largest contact centers. As a result the client will be provided with recordings of all conversations. It is worth noting that the consent given by the caller on the phone is completely legal, accepted by FAS and mobile operators.

Collection and storage of consents is an integral requirement of the current legislation. In particular, law No. 38 of the federal law "On advertising" states: "Advertising telecommunications networks, including through the use of telephone, facsimile, mobile radio communications, is permitted only with prior consent of the subscriber or recipient to receive advertising".

Actualization and collection of consents will bring the process of SMS-informing in correspondence with the legislation and will protect Devino Telecom clients from fines, the size of which might be up to 500 000 rubles.