Survey: What Companies are the Most Frequent Users of SMS

Devino Telecom has conducted a survey to find out representatives of which industries were among the most active senders of information messages in 2014.

Retail chains became absolute leaders.

The results of 2014 reveal the following TOP-5 industries in the trend:

  • 1.267.420.024 SMS – Federal-level retail chains (all kinds of merchandise)
  • 94.380.497 SMS – Taxis and carriers (taxi booking services and logistics companies)
  • 89.102.434 SMS – Realtors (real estate companies and services)
  • 21.574.394 SMS – Auto (maintenance centers, car dealerships, dedicated web-sites)
  • 13.790.493 SMS – Entertainment (restaurants, cinemas, clubs)

The market of SMS notification for 60% consists of transaction SMS while information SMS account for the rest 40%. Transaction SMS contain information about subscriber’s bank account activity. Information traffic is divided into service and promotional. Service traffic includes messages triggered by recipient’s actions like booking of a taxi or an air ticket and notification of taxi arrival or change in the booking, purchase in a web-store and order status SMS (assembled/shipped/delivered). Promotional traffic contains messages promoting goods or services.