Premoderation Platform

Unified Content Moderation System
from the company Devino Telecom

Apart from SPAM messages in the common sense, that is messages to which the subscriber did not consent, there is yet another problem – distribution of messages containing illegal information. SMS bulk messaging is regularly used by spammers to distribute information on drugs, alcohol, casinos and accommodation houses. Here it doesn’t matter whether or not the subscriber consented to this type of messaging.

For a good while automatic filters have been commonly considered a remedy against SPAM. They blocked SMS message templates which contained words from the stop-list. These filters however are not impeccable because legal messages will also be blocked automatically. For example, the famous brand Old-Spice will be blocked because of the word “Spice” (synthetic smoke mix). The Russian male name “Sergey” will be divided in two segments “Ser” and “gey” (= English “gay”) and blocked because of the second syllable. On the eve of the Single voting day when all types of campaigning are forbidden, automatic filters were complemented with the word “choice”. This resulted in blocking of messages like “wide choice of swimsuits”, “rich choice of pizzas” etc.

To prevent distribution of illegal advertising SMS, Devino Telecom has developed and implemented an intelligent platform with two independent message template premoderation lines.

All templates are fed to the moderation panel where they undergo several validation stages. An expert performs a manual message analysis - reads the template text to make sure it complies with the Law “On Advertising”. Then the template is transferred to another moderator. If the message contains any stop-list words, they will be highlighted by the system for the experts to see.

This means that a template is validated by two experts. If they cannot reach a unanimous decision, a senior moderator steps in, and the decision is taken by the majority of votes.

Usually illegal SMS advertising is hidden behind innocent words. That is why our experts check the information contained in the message template. In case of any doubts, moderators call on the given phone numbers or check the web-site. Often they discover advertising of drugs, casinos or accommodation houses. In many cases messages require special attention and a practiced eye of the moderators. Examples of illegal messages:

  • “We read camomile leaves. 100% result”, “Flowers shop on the ring (underground) line. Fresh  supplies: Camomile” – drug sale.
  • “New books” NEW phone number 2015 calendars already on sale” – drug sale.
  • “Falcon is taking wing again!” – drug sale.
  • “Hi, working in Ryazanka (Ryazansky prospect in Moscow), 24 hours!” -  advertising of sex-services.

All SMS templates like this are blocked, and the sender receives a corresponding notification.  In addition, SMS messaging abounds with cases of violations of the Law “On Advertising” which prohibits distribution of information about hookahs, smoke pipes and even cigarette lighters. BAD advertising is allowed only with the mention that it is not a medicinal product, and for medical services – that there are contraindications, consult your physician.

SMS is a channel of direct communication with the user. This is why it is widely used for voting campaigns. Thus, Devino Telecom moderators started to prepare for traffic filtration two weeks before the Day of silence and the Day of regional Governors elections in Russia. They worked out a stop-list for message filtration. The list contained the names of candidates for Deputies of the Moscow State Duma and for regional Governors. Also words related in any way to the voting procedure were entered on the list as “suspicious”. Among them were: “choice”, “vote”, “commission” etc.

The team of Devino Telecom moderation platform currently includes 78 experts. Our team members working remotely from various parts of the world ensure 24/7/365 traffic moderation.

Every day Devino Telecom sends almost 500 million SMS messages cooperating with over 130 SMS aggregators. This means that establishment and implementation of a traffic premoderation platform to prevent spam is a logical and necessary step.