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VK Messenger

VK Messenger

Communicate with your user on the social media network of VKontakte from your group mentioning the official company name. Connect to Devino Telecom platform and send messages to every user of the social media network from your VK group.

Advantages of newsletters distribution in VK

Small business Big business
  • Sending text messages with up to 2048 characters
  • Provision of verification codes or links to service messages in VKontakte
  • Secure data transfer: the company that is sending messages to the user does not receive any personal information about the user's account in the social network
  • Saving the company's budget – Service message communication set up through social media network group without using SMS service to send communications related to confirmation code of operation, account balances, order status and delivery status.
  • The Vkontakte has a total userbase of more than 100 million visitors per month. Grab your customers by sending messages from a VK group without leaving the social network and configuring direct communication channels in it
  • 90% of users receive notifications within 1 hour, via the mobile app or desktop, 95% of them are viewed by the user within a minute of its receipt
  • Configurable duration of the 'life' of the message is from a minute to 24 hours including the possibility of forwarding via SMS or Viber
  • User-friendly program for newsletters distribution in VK, connection via the API, intuitive personal account

Send VK newsletters personally to an individual contact or use lists to communicate with others.

Or use the tailor-made functionality of social network subscribers. It's no secret that any user of VKontakte can personally subscribe, by going to the application and selecting the newsletter as per his/her interest. This means that such a user can become your potential subscriber and client.

And using the method of delayed messaging, you can pre-plan the schedule of messages and set the most convenient time of delivery to their users. It is interesting to note that the time of receipt of the message significantly affects the perception of its content. For example, if you send an informational message with campaign news on a Thursday afternoon, it will have a lower percentage of uptake of content than a similar newsletter with the announcement of a corporate event on Thursday evening.

Use the services of Devino Telecom to organize newsletters in social networks and feel the benefits of receiving incoming messages by the user, not in emails, but directly within the social network.


Devino.API Devino.Gate
Use the convenient API service by Devino Telecom and develop communications with clients across all traffic acquisition channels
Create VK message
Receive VK status
# Request
curl "" /
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" /
    --user sammy:fAj$xna)vm /
    -d '{

# Response
    "code": "ok",
    "description": "",
        "code": "ok",
        "messageId": 3222269333010907000
# Request
   --user sammy:fAj$xna)vm /
   -d "messageId=3222269333010907000"

# Response
      "code": "ok",
      "description": "",
              "providerId": 3222269333010907000,
              "code": "ok",
              "status": "delivered",
              "statusAt": "2018-07-03 16:31:40"      }
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We select a comprehensive solution for a specific business task, taking into account the industry specifics and goal setting of the client. The company's technical staff exceeds 100 people and allows assuming full setup of the system: project management, analytics, development, testing, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and customer service. We provide a high-quality and fast solution to any problems.



We'll enhance your capabilities! We will conduct consulting and marketing research. We'll set up integration with your CRM and CMS: with SAP CRM, Siebel CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle or 1C Bitrix. We'll automate and combine business processes with personnel into a single ecosystem. We will provide legal support and develop a communication strategy to achieve specific goals.



The client receives a comprehensive solution developed for implementation of specific business tasks, taking into account industry specifics. Communication with customers is carried out based on a reliable and high-quality infrastructure by Devino Telecom. Specialists and experts of the company provide operational business and technical support around the clock.


Cost of VK newsletters

You can ask our managers to calculate the cost of sending messages from VK group.
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Kaercher LLC is grateful to Devino Telecom LLC for its professional attitude and timely provision of services.

Our companies have been cooperating for the past six years, and during this time we have seen you as a reliable partner who is always ready to quickly help with the provision of services, give recommendations, and also help in choosing a CRM program.

Special thanks go to the marketing department for creating a CRM club, on the basis of which you can get additional information about interaction with customers, as well as share experience with colleagues in the field of marketing.

We wish your team professional success and prosperity!

Any passenger can now send an SMS message to a special short number 3443, selecting one of five criteria and rate it on a 5-point scale.

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ADAMAS was founded in 1993 and today is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Russia.

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Small business Big business
  • 24-hour Сustomer Service - "we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"
  • We will tell you how to make a newsletter in VK and start using the internal community resource for communication with customers and subscribers
  • Consulting and marketing, customer support "from idea to implementation"
  • Legal support of customers' interests in case of claims from regulatory authorities

What you need to know about the distribution of newsletters in VKontakte

Any business needs points of growth because they determine the trajectory of development of the company. In recent years, social networks have become such points. Statistics show that travel agencies, online stores and beauty salons successfully support the interest of regular customers and find new ones by organizing messaging and sending messages via VKontakte. The main requirement is the availability of a personal account and the correct selection of the audience.

The most important thing is to correctly organize the distribution of the newsletters because VKontakte carefully monitors compliance with the rules, one of which is the absolute prohibition of spam. Spam is officially banned on the social network, and this is not surprising: no one likes invasion of his/her personal space, including on the Internet. Spam bothers everyone, regardless of the sphere of users' interests and to consent to receive advertising messages. The only regulated and permitted way to bring the information to the customer – newsletters, as it takes into account the specifics of the news feed, which limits the visibility of updates.

VK newsletters imply that the addressee are interested in receiving the messages, knows the company and is a member of your group. Moreover, they are waiting for news, discounts and special offers.

Advantages of business newsletters:

  • Access to customers who spend a lot of time on social networks.
  • Ability to create informative content by adding text photos and videos.

The main disadvantage of such communication is the lack of a good statistical system. To cope with this, you can use the analytical system built into the functionality of our personal account.

Wondering how to make a newsletter in VK, you need to understand what type of messages you are going to send. This will help you to build interaction with the audience.

First, you should inform and create the existing subscribers in the group and tell them about the possibility of receiving newsletters from the group. Usually, for this purpose, a separate post is created on the wall of the group, which contains an active link. By clicking on it, a person confirms consent to receive the newsletters. Second, it is necessary to explain to subscribers the benefits of advertising messages and convince them that newsletters is beneficial. Third, it is worth experimenting with the form and content of the texts – the only way you find out what type of newsletter is of greatest interest to your audience and stimulates shopping.