ADAMAS was founded in 1993 and today is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Russia.

ADAMAS partner network is represented by more than 3,000 wholesale and retail trading companies in Russia, in the near and far abroad. Products manufactured by ADAMAS are exported to more than 20 countries of the world: Great Britain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the CIS and Baltic countries. The ADAMAS brand has been using SMS informing of customers for more than five years.

We use all types of mailings. About 50% is accounted for by the advertising mailing, 40% by personalized offers on loyalty programs, 10% by information and service SMS.

With the help of the service mailing, we deliver all the information useful to the client: about opening new stores, changing their opening hours, personalized offers, the status of the bonus account, including holiday greetings.

Subscription to the newsletter occurs at the time of registration in the loyalty program and receiving the "Golden Wish Card". In February 2015, we exchanged the first million customers of our loyalty program - for retail, especially jewelry, this is a very serious indicator and we are proud of it.

SMS is an effective working tool that we use from the moment of client registration in the loyalty program. All customers who subscribe to SMS distribution will be the first to learn about new collections, current promotions and events of ADAMAS, as well as receive personalized greetings and gifts for the holidays. This undoubtedly increases customer loyalty.

ADAMAS works through all aspects of marketing in detail, therefore all actions show stable predicted results. Again, we consider sms-informing to be one of the most effective ways of direct communication with customers, therefore using this tool, including for informing about promotions and other events, is a classic practice for us.

If we talk about the response to the SMS-alert, then, of course, the most striking results on informing about the pre-holiday promotions, the last days of special offers, gifts. Even among the "leaders" I would highlight reminders about the trade-in service.

When planning distribution of advertising messages, we take into account the frequency of purchases, location and other targeting parameters depending on the goals. As for service messages in the framework of the loyalty program, we rely on personal information, for example, congratulations on holidays; and also we take into account consumer preferences - for how long and what exactly the client has acquired, according to the results of the analysis we offer him personalized offers. We consider the maximum permissible frequency for SMS-informing to be sending messages 4 times a month, and the size of an SMS, as a rule, is two segments.

Like any marketing activity, SMS informing is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the main indicators: traffic and revenue. Measurements of the effectiveness of the response to the newsletter and its conversion into traffic are carried out by us weekly. On average, these figures are 2% and 45%, respectively. Under unique offers, for example, a guaranteed gift, the share of revenue by SMS increases to 50%.

Thus, SMS-informing is an excellent marketing tool and an effective channel of communication with a client. According to our observations, coming to the store, customers often refer precisely to the received SMS message as a source of information and perceive it as a guide to action.

We receive complaints to the newsletter extremely rarely. All questions are resolved in a constructive plane: it is easy to unsubscribe from our newsletter, simply call or write a message with a phone number. Due to the rapid response to such requests, the number of complaints tends to zero, we do not type them, these are isolated cases.

Collaboration with Devino Telecom is a great example of an effective partnership. First of all, I am impressed by the company's customer focus, and secondly, by the high quality of services, so I am pleased to take the opportunity to thank the Devino Telecom team for their professionalism and competence.

Irina Tulivskaya, ADAMAS Marketing Director