The automobile business is developing very dynamically, in addition to active work with the current client base, AVILON uses all the new features and technologies on the market, including SMS and sending messages to Viber.

AVILON Automobile group is one of the leading automobile holdings in Russia. Today, AVILON has in its portfolio 18 automobile brands: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI, MOTO, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Ford, Jeep, Hyundai and Fiat Professional.

To promote each of our brands, we use individual advertising and communication policies that take into account the specifics of each of the segments - luxury, premium, mass. These policies are taken into account both in traditional media and in the Internet environment.

Are SMS still relevant today?

In conjunction with other marketing activities, we use SMS-informing and always see a response. The effectiveness of the mailing is estimated indirectly and depends on many factors: seasonality, the nature of the offer, the frequency of sending, the link with the email and others. According to surveys, 95% of customers have learned about us via the Internet. This is the most popular advertising channel today. Mobile advertising via SMS gives an influx of new customers. But this is more of an interest than an intention to make a purchase. The detailed information in the Email-mailing gives conversion to sales.

Do you try out new tools and promotion channels?

The automobile business is developing very dynamically, in addition to active work with the current client base, we try all the new opportunities and technologies on the market, including SMS and sending messages to Viber. We also very actively develop our business in social networks. If we talk about numbers, then a planned service mailing to 100 subscribers (for example, the date of oil change or maintenance) gives an average conversion rate of 2 calls to the Call Center. We regularly conduct tests, trying to assess how a particular type of communication is convenient for our clients.

How is communication with a customer who has purchased a car and become a new member of your loyalty program built?

Our base is divided into segments - luxury, premium, mass, as well as potential and current customers. All communications are complex - we use several tools to solve the same task.

When buying a car, the client receives a thank-you email, then an SMS message when the first maintenance is due. We regularly inform about the best deals, for example, a discount on engine oil or special conditions for preparing a car for the winter. If a client has bought a car and does not arrive for service, we make a unique offer by sending an invitation to our service.

Service messages accompany all stages of car maintenance, including the arrival of parts and accessories to the warehouse. Information about the accrued bonuses and the rules for their use. For example, the date of replacement of brake pads is approaching, which can be paid in full or in part with bonuses.

What, in your opinion, is the main “secret” of effective communication with clients?

The key to effective communications is the relevance of the client base. The update is carried out through the call-center. We check not only the contact details, but also the preferences of the client: whether he/she continues to drive a purchased car, whether he/she likes this brand. It often happens that the customer’s expectations of a certain brand did not materialize and after a while he/she had already purchased another car. This is typical of the premium segment.

Are there "dissatisfied"?

It is extremely rare, because the contact policy is built on the experience gained over many years of testing various communication options. If such a situation does occur, we try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. For example, for the AUDI brand, the subscriber is informed about the possibility of unsubscribing from mailings in the text of each message.

Since the launch of the Viber for Business service, is there already an analyst that allows making certain conclusions about efficiency (or vice versa) for this channel?

Recent surveys showed that approximately 45% of our customers have Viber. We carry out both service and marketing mailings from October 2016 through this channel.

The question about CRM club Devino Telecom. What are your impressions in general?

Of course, this is a very useful information asset. The opportunity not only to gain knowledge and experience of the practitioners from representatives of various industries, but also to share own experience, discuss the latest trends and trends that “work” and those that do not. We have already managed to discuss the possibilities of joint cooperation with some participants, so this, undoubtedly, is beneficial for business and its development.

Anna Zorkina, Head of Call Center and Customer Service, Marketing and Advertising Department, AVILON Group