We use SMS information for almost four years and constantly improve our approach to this tool, we come to a deeper understanding of its capabilities and how to apply them to our audience.

Milavitsa mainly uses SMS campaigns for advertising purposes: we inform our customers about discounts and promotions. Also, our customers receive congratulations on holidays and thanks in case of purchase in the store. We try not to abuse the patience of customers, and send them the information that will be really interesting, with a frequency of no more than once a month, if it is a promotional SMS. Service messages are highly individual.

We monitor the effectiveness of advertising newsletters, measuring it directly in the level of sales in certain categories of goods and the size of the average purchase receipt. We do not define the effectiveness of service messages separately from advertisements, but we see their positive effect on sales as a whole.

We allocate about 10% of the marketing budget to the sms-informing channel. The base for information consists of loyal customers who have previously received a discount card. We receive and store the consent of subscribers to receive mailings in the form of questionnaires that must be filled out when receiving a card. Thus, t coellection of the base takes place directly on the trading floor, with the help of a cashier or sales assistant consultants. This is practically the only way to enrich the base, which we use.

The secret of a successful newsletter, in our opinion, is to personalize the offer for a particular segment of the audience. We do segmentation based on customer purchases (discount card) and frequency of purchases. Another key to successful mailing is a message that the client can understand, we don’t try to fit the message into “70 characters” if its information content suffers.

We regard cooperation with Devino Telecom as very positive, the company's specialists quickly respond to offers and requests, and provide useful information to increase the effectiveness of mailings. I hope in the future will also be! It is a pleasure to work with you!

If you have any questions, read about experiences in other industries or ask them at the next training workshop.