Any passenger can now send an SMS message to a special short number 3443, selecting one of five criteria and rate it on a 5-point scale.

This project was implemented as part of activities designed to improve the quality of passenger service. For the convenience of passengers in each bus of "MOSTRANSAVTO" there are stickers with phone numbers and instructions how to send a message.

Thus, with the help of the Active Passenger service, the company received 257 SMS messages in February, of which 136 were with positive ratings of the company and 121 were negative. At the same time, passengers expressed their opinion on the quality of work of 461 routes of the enterprise and on the state of 1,292 buses.

The average assessment of the quality of services on a five-point scale for the month was 3.1 points. At the same time, the safety of transportation, as well as the behavior of drivers and conductors, the passengers rated as good - 4.0 and 3.7 points, respectively. But the fare and compliance with the schedule, according to residents of the Moscow region, the company needs to improve - the results of assessments in these two categories amounted to 3.2 and 2.4 points, respectively.

Passengers' opinion on the quality of services provided by MOSTRANSAVTO also made it possible to compile a satisfaction rating with branches of the enterprise. So, the highest score - 4.2 - at the Serpukhov branch, and the lowest - 1.9 - at Orekhovo-Zuyevo. The following routes were recognized as the best in October: No. 026, No. 349 (avtokolonna 1785 Schelkovo), No. 003 (MAP No. 2 a/k 1417 Kolomna), No. 38 (avtokolonna 1788 Podolsk), No. 392 (Korolevskoe PATP), No. 015 (Avtokolonna 1375, Mytishchi), as well as No. 372 (Istrinskoe ATP) and No. 005 (Elektrostalskiy PATP).

The statistical data on the results of the obtained assessments are regularly sent to the branches of MOSTRANSAVTO, where they are instructed with drivers and conductors to improve linear and financial discipline. All this helps to improve the work of the enterprise and improve the quality of services provided to residents of the Moscow region.