Posuda Center

Now "Posuda Center" is a federal-level trading network that occupies a leading position in the market of dishware and household goods of the West Siberian economic region.

The network of Cash & Carry stores "Posuda Center" was founded in 2001 in the city of Novosibirsk, where the main office of the company is located. Now "Posuda Center" is a federal-level trading network, which occupies a leading position in the Russian market of household goods.

SMS newsletter is the main channel of communication within our loyalty program. We send messages only to those who are members of our "Buyers Club". The Customer Club loyalty program has been operating since 2007, and the SMS-informing channel has been actively used since 2010.

The company's marketing strategy involves the use of various types of communication with customers. SMS is the channel that we prefer for a point impact on the audience. For example, a special offer that is valid only for loyal customers, or an offer that is interesting to a narrow segment of the audience. SMS is a convenient tool to solve such problems.

We work exclusively with our own database and send messages only to those buyers who are interested in it. Properly assembled database consisting of motivated customers who have given their consent is the main component of effective SMS informing.

Our work with the database is not limited to the careful collection and storage of data - we actively use segmentation. Basically, according to standard retail criteria: the frequency of purchases, the average check, the last purchase, the age and gender.

At the initial stage, we actively tested the effectiveness of SMS-informing: we compared the copyright of messages, various stock mechanics based on the reaction of control groups. Now we use copyright practice and work with mechanics and seasonality.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of SMS mailings, we identify customers who have used the offer under a loyalty program by the mobile number of the subscriber who is attached to the card. Accordingly, we have statistics on purchases among customers receiving the newsletter, and we can evaluate the effectiveness of each communication.

We recommend using proposals only clear to all recipients in SMS-communications, paying special attention to the sender's name - the recipient must understand from whom he received the message. Another “taboo” in SMS communications is the use of transliteration, such messages are not read.

Elena Evselevleeva, Head of Loyalty Program