Technosila, an omnichannel retailer, has been working in the retail sector for more than twenty-three years to launch a new loyalty program for customer relationship management. An innovative solution allows tracking sales history and implementing all marketing communications.

Technosila is an omnichannel multicategory retailer. This means developing new modern ways to make purchases and expanding the range with new categories. Today Tekhnosila offers customers not only household appliances and digital electronics, but also furniture, toys, household goods and sporting goods - the range includes more than 80,000 items and is growing every day.

We understand that today a retailer needs to have an equal and equally high level of service at all points of interaction with the customer - both offline and online. Omnichannel is not just having several sales channels, but equal conditions for the buyer, regardless of the channel through which it tapped into our retail network - be it a website, call center or store, level of service, communication standards and conditions of purchase be the same.

Technosila moves from impersonal contact to accurate customer knowledge and personal communication, taking into account consumer preferences, age, social background, geography and many other factors.

In December 2016, a new loyalty program was launched at Technosila. Its goal was to improve customer experience, level of service and marketing effectiveness. One of the key points was the integration of offline and online data based on a unified client ID.

The loyalty program is based on a full-fledged CRM solution that allows tracking sales history and implementing all communications with customers. The program has a powerful online processing, which provides response to a request within 300 milliseconds and has virtually no effect on the speed of cash services to customers.

An important functionality of the program, which was not previously in Technosila, was the ability to identify the buyer at the checkout by phone number, which allows informing the client about the amount of accumulated bonuses, offer him to spend all or part of the accumulated points even if he does not have a card with him. Also, the client was given the opportunity to pay with bonus points for purchases on the site when paying online and track the balance and purchase history in a convenient personal account.

Now the detailed information on the status of the buyer's bonus account, the timing of the combustion or accrual of bonuses became available at the checkout.

The cashier will also receive information about the purchaser's subscription status for marketing information and will be able to offer to activate the subscription in exchange for additional bonuses. The same applies to customer contacts - if necessary, the cashier can update them or add an additional contact to the appropriate field in the program interface.

In addition, the cashier has a lot of additional features. From the program interface, he can:

  • Find a customer by last name, give him a card number and the number of accumulated bonuses;
  • Quickly contact the loyalty program operator by writing a letter to him directly from the interface.

An additional advantage of the program, in the direction of the development of omnichannel, was the possibility of obtaining a virtual card on the company's website with the possibility of its further use both on the Internet and in retail stores of the network. At the same time, cardholders receive the same level of service and service conditions, regardless of whether they have a virtual or plastic card. Since the launch of the new program, more than 15,000 virtual bonus cards have been issued to network buyers. This made it possible to significantly increase the penetration of the loyalty program in the “home delivery” channel.

The new loyalty program has advanced analytics capabilities, including RF analytics. Now it is possible to conduct more effective target campaigns on the base due to more personalized offers and behavioral targeting. At the beginning of the year, we conducted a number of targeted campaigns using express points with a limited duration and set up a trigger for burning points. For 4 months of use, the total effect on shares with express points amounted to +58 million rubles in revenue and 3.5 million rubles in gross profit. In general, the conversion of mailings increased from 0.34 in April 2016 to 1.8% in April 2017.

Also, compared to April 2016: the share of repeat sales increased from 16 to 29%, and the percentage of loyalty program penetration in turnover increased from 53 to 64%.

As practice shows, at the moment - the greatest response comes from campaigns that are already “time-tested”. These are promotions with express points, Birthday and tied to calendar holidays.

Vyacheslav Uvarov, Marketing and Branding Director, Technosila