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Connect an additional layer of protection against illegal connection
Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Protect your account from fraudulent activity. Enter an additional level of security against unauthorized access – receiving a one-time sms code

Benefits of two-factor authentication

Big business
  • API connection option
  • Full-service setup: the complexity of the passwords sent and the active duration of the sms ‘life’, the validity period of SMS messages
  • Providing protection when changing the SIM card, or in case of change or loss of a smartphone
  • High speed delivery of SMS passwords using your SMS platform in the providers’ network
  • Reliable and fail-safe platform
  • Geo-distributed cluster of servers ensure maximum availability of the service


Devino.API Devino.Gate
Use the convenient API service by Devino Telecom and develop communications with clients across all traffic acquisition channels
Sending 2FA to the subscriber
Verification 2FA code from the subscriber
# Request
curl "" \
 -H “X-ApiKey: ASDjkxkzxcjasDJASdjxk”
        -d '{

# Response
    "Code": "0",
    "Description": "Code Sent"
# Request
curl "" \
	-d '{
	        	"Code": "17565"

# Response
    "Code": 0,
    "Description": "Valid Code"
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We select a comprehensive solution for a specific business task, taking into account the industry specifics and goal setting of the client. The company's technical staff exceeds 100 people and allows assuming full setup of the system: project management, analytics, development, testing, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and customer service. We provide a high-quality and fast solution to any problems.



We'll enhance your capabilities! We will conduct consulting and marketing research. We'll set up integration with your CRM and CMS: with SAP CRM, Siebel CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle or 1C Bitrix. We'll automate and combine business processes with personnel into a single ecosystem. We will provide legal support and develop a communication strategy to achieve specific goals.



The client receives a comprehensive solution developed for implementation of specific business tasks, taking into account industry specifics. Communication with customers is carried out based on a reliable and high-quality infrastructure by Devino Telecom. Specialists and experts of the company provide operational business and technical support around the clock.


Cost of two-factor authentication service

The cost of the service is not large: it consists of the initial costs for technical integration work (in the case of API connection - free of charge) and the cost for the service messages sent during the contract period.
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These companies are already using the two-factor authentication service on the Devino Telecom platform – join them!
Reviews Cases
Olga Eremeeva
CEO, Pandora

The results of the services provided showed that Devino Telecom is distinguished by strict compliance with the terms of the contract, observance of delivery dates and, thanks to the professionalism of the company's specialists, high quality of work.

Artem Alaykrinskii
Director of the branch "Central", Euroset

We highly appreciate the joint work with your company and realize that cooperation with you allows us to increase the speed of some internal services.

The automobile business is developing very dynamically, in addition to active work with the current client base, AVILON uses all the new features and technologies on the market, including SMS and sending messages to Viber.

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BNS Group
BNS Group of Companies has been in the retail market since 1997 and has been developing Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, MEXX, Michael Kors, Paper Shop, SIA, Topshop, Topman and other brands in Russia. The exclusive rights to well-known brands allowed the company to gain a reputation of a progressive player in the fashion retail market in Russia.

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What you need to know about the two-factor authentication service

Every day we hear about the hundreds of crimes that committed in the online sphere: personal accounts are hacked, bankcards are charged, and personal information is made public. Certainly, the worries about how to avoid such crimes do bother us.

The Devino Telecom experts believe that a two-factor authentication service remains one of the simple and effective ways to tackle fraud in the online space. It is based on user identification using two different types of authentication data. In most cases, a person receives an SMS that contains a unique code. This system ensures reliable protection of the account against unauthorized access.

The use of a two-factor code is most common in the following cases:

  • Login to the personal account of a bank or an online store.
  • Creating a social media account and log in to a personal profile.
  • Protecting an email when signing in to an account from a new device, location, or a network.
  • Websites administration process.
  • Confirmation of a transaction.
  • Activation of electronic signature programs.

The operation of the service is based on the fact that the user enters not only his/her username and password but further confirms it again while logging in to their personal account or making a transaction. At the first stage, the customer uses discreet information that only he/she is aware of (profile login information). At the second stage, the system of receiving the verification code via SMS or a special application installed on the smartphone is utilised.

Devino Telecom offers one of the most popular and simple authentication methods – sending SMS. A message comes to the user to confirm his/her identity after he/she enters the password. The service is inexpensive, requires low technical maintenance and it runs smoothly.

Two-factor code is an excellent solution for companies whose business is directly connected with the Internet and that work with a large customer base. The service can be easily integrated; its operation does not raise any questions and does not require the purchase or lease of special equipment. Two-factor authentication adapts to any configuration depending on the needs of the business and creates 100% protection against hacking.