Meet&Work III CRM Club in Minsk

The third meeting of CRM Club was held in Minsk.

On October 11 the third meeting of CRM Club was held in Minsk. More than 25 companies including 21 Vek, 5 Element, COSMO, Electrosila, BIGZZ, GIPPO, Buslik, ALMI, Belarus Department Store, Elema, Euroopt, K + C, Dominos, ZIKO, kari, Magic card, Prostore and many others came together to discuss actual questions in the CRM industry.

It should be noted that for the first time at the club meeting there was a case “Building of loyalty program in the grocery store. What? How? Why? ” presented by Artem Shtelmakh from the Pyaterochka Retail chain. Also, Ivan Slugovin (Independent Expert) and Sergey Gumennikov (kari) shared their expertise. They took the floor on the following topics “Working with Outflow. Definition, modeling" and "Ideas and practical implementation of tools to enrich the database."