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E-mail Messaging

E-mail Messaging

A simple and affordable Internet marketing tool that allows you to carry out personalized bulk communication with your customers. Connect to the email newsletters service of Devino Telecom and analyse the behaviour of your subscribers based on statistical data.

Advantages of the email newsletter service

Small business Big business
  • Create customized email layouts quickly and easily
  • Personalize each letter of the email distribution to help increase the customer loyalty
  • Customize bulk e-mailing lists by grouping subscribers by goals and interests
  • Keep track of full statistics on opened and read emails, the number of clicks on links, lists of undelivered and blocked recipients
  • Notify your potential and existing customers about discounts, promotions, new products, services, loyalty programs or bonuses
  • Spread business news, information about events on a regular basis or wish them "Happy Birthday!" at the right time
  • Upload contacts of the subscribers of the CMS, group by group, and goals or pull data for your email newsletters from CRM
  • Configure API integration and send bulk and transactional newsletters to an even larger contact pool
  • Attract additional traffic to your resource by integrating links, buttons and dynamic content into messages
  • Increase profitability – tell the customer about promotions and discounts, return to the idea of buying
  • Keep track of open-rate statistics and the transition from emails within the loyalty programs, providing personalized service to each customer
  • Use the cascade service for email newsletters - if the letter is not delivered to an e-mail, use Viber channels or SMS
The benefits and effectiveness of email newsletters are confirmed through time and statistics. Internet marketing has long ceased to treat the channel of bulk mailing as Spam, raising it to the rank of one of the main tools of smart competitive policy. By communicating with the customer using e-mail marketing, a company not just motivate existing customers to certain targeted actions, but certainly increases the level of trust and brand recognition.

Cost of Emailing

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Reviews Cases
Elena Uydina
Head of Marketing, LLC "Aykraft"

We cooperate with Devino Telecom for more than 6 years. During this time, the company's team showed high professionalism, competence and activity in carrying out their tasks in the field of organizing and providing technical support for Viber, SMS, e-mail and mobile advertising mailings. Thank you for your cooperation and are ready to recommend Devino Telecom as a reliable partner in the field of mobile communications.

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Marketing Director of the Lensmaster Optics Salon Network

We thank the Devino Telecom team for fruitful collaboration. I would like to note the sincere involvement, professionalism and availability of 24/7 employees of the company. We value you as a key partner in the process of communicating and building loyal relationships with our customers. It is a great value for us to see that you not only share our views and approach, but also demonstrate it in your daily work.

We wish your company prosperity and success!

The Kalyaev chain of stores is one of the suppliers of domestic manufacturers and sellers of leather and fur products.

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BNS Group
BNS Group of Companies has been in the retail market since 1997 and has been developing Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, MEXX, Michael Kors, Paper Shop, SIA, Topshop, Topman and other brands in Russia. The exclusive rights to well-known brands allowed the company to gain a reputation of a progressive player in the fashion retail market in Russia.

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Улыбка радуги
Yves Rocher


Small business Big business
  • 24-hour Customer Service - "we are available 24/7"
  • We will tell you how to create a newsletter, organize groups of subscribers, conduct A&B testing, identify the audience and get maximum profit from each letter
  • We will set up a scheduled delivery of messages in the maximum number of marketing channels
  • We will help you to connect the service of email newsletters to CRM and other external systems
  • Consulting and marketing, customer support "from idea to implementation"
  • Legal support as per the interest of the client requirements in case of claims from regulatory authorities

What you need to know about email newsletter

E-mailing can be extremely effective if it is properly organized. What does one need to consider for creating a proper Email newsletter?

  • Segmentation of the client base. Do not send the same email to all subscribers. It is better to classify the customers by place of residence, age, sex or other criteria.
  • Consent to receive newsletters. Perhaps, the most important rule in e-mail marketing. Attempts to create a newsletter by the purchased customer base or those who were in the list of recipients by accident have a risk to end up into the spam. People need to know your company and be ready to receive news and proposals via email.
  • Correct and beautiful layout. If a letter is difficult to read because of the variety of fonts, lack of paragraphs, inappropriate images, it is likely that it will be removed almost immediately.
  • Newsletter contents. Only good content that is truly interesting to your customers will be able to retain them and affect the performance of the target action.
  • The frequency of emailing. Do not fill your client's e-mail with e-mails every day. Most often, to keep the customers' interest, it is best to send one or two letters a week.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the time of specifying the purpose of a particular communication. Usually, there are several types of targeted messaging:

  1. Informational emailing. The goal is to create a loyal attitude towards the brand on behalf of the customers. To do this, the company sends out information letters, news or other information, the content of which is relevant to the selected audience.
  2. Sales email messaging. As the name implies, this type of newsletters encourages customers to make a purchase using a unique discount or promotion.
  3. Combined emailing. Often, the two previous types of email messaging are combined. The algorithm, in this case, is approximately the same: the first letter is informational, and the second, sent a few days later, encourages customers to purchase. Sometimes there is a combination of information and promotional content in one letter.

The decision on which kinds of newsletters will be sent depends on the specifics of the company, the audience and the final goal. We recommend that you carefully study the subject of business and develop a suitable strategy. Only after that, you can decide which letters will bring results and meet expectations.

How to collect e-mail clients for messaging?

The first and most common way is to place a form with an option to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter. By clicking the "Subscribe" button the person agrees to receive emails. The second way is to offer the user to subscribe to the newsletter at the time of registration on the site or when a user is making a purchase in an online store. By putting a tick in the appropriate field, the person will subscribe to the newsletter. Some companies tend to add consent to the mailing list by default, but it does not always end well: the user instantly deletes unexpected emails in such situations.

A question arises: how to convince site visitors to subscribe to email messaging?

  • Offer content one can't ignore. Find a professional journalist, a person with a perfect sense of style, whose articles are interesting to read. In order not to miss the update, the users will be willing to subscribe to new materials.
  • Do not be lazy in the design and visualization of the subscription form. It should attract attention and differ from similar forms on other sites. Great design in itself promises the user with unique and useful content.
  • Offer bonuses. If you want to increase sales and expand your customer base, we advise you to make the newsletter profitable for new subscribers. For example, each of them will receive an automatic discount on the order after subscribing.