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Use fast and secure system of GSM subscriber identification requests by IMEI code
IMSI authentication

IMSI authentication

The SIM-card authentication technology based on a unique IMSI code verification is used to ensure the secure transfer of one-time passwords used to log on to the Internet Bank.

Advantages of IMSI

Big business
  • SIM-card verification of the users when sending SMS-messages and codes of the baking system and session passwords
  • Full network and server backup for all stages of the service provision process
  • Wide bandwidth capacity of 500 requests/sec extendable to 1,000 requests/sec
  • Enhanced security of RBS systems, the possibility of “easy” service integration due to Devino Telecom expertise and technology


System integration solution for big business at any level


We select a comprehensive solution for a specific business task, taking into account the industry specifics and goal setting of the client. The company's technical staff exceeds 100 people and allows assuming full setup of the system: project management, analytics, development, testing, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and customer service. We provide a high-quality and fast solution to any problems.



We'll enhance your capabilities! We will conduct consulting and marketing research. We'll set up integration with your CRM and CMS: with SAP CRM, Siebel CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle or 1C Bitrix. We'll automate and combine business processes with personnel into a single ecosystem. We will provide legal support and develop a communication strategy to achieve specific goals.



The client receives a comprehensive solution developed for implementation of specific business tasks, taking into account industry specifics. Communication with customers is carried out based on a reliable and high-quality infrastructure by Devino Telecom. Specialists and experts of the company provide operational business and technical support around the clock.


Service cost

Calculation of IMSI service cost is always different. Devino Telecom experts take into account all possible factors affecting the price of the product: the complexity of service integration with the RBS, the bandwidth of the allocated channel, number of expected requests. For more information about the cost for your company, please, contact our managers.
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Current Successful usage of IMSI service is operated by banks like Alfa Bank, Sberbank of Russia, Russian Standard Bank, Tinkoff Bank Credit Systems. Try it!
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Olga Eremeeva
CEO, Pandora

The results of the services provided showed that Devino Telecom is distinguished by strict compliance with the terms of the contract, observance of delivery dates and, thanks to the professionalism of the company's specialists, high quality of work.

Artem Alaykrinskii
Director of the branch "Central", Euroset

We highly appreciate the joint work with your company and realize that cooperation with you allows us to increase the speed of some internal services.

Posuda Center
Now "Posuda Center" is a federal-level trading network that occupies a leading position in the market of dishware and household goods of the West Siberian economic region.

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Salamander brand has been using SMS-informing since 2008, Devino Telecom services have been used for 4 years already - since 2011. We have chosen SMS as a reliable and modern marketing tool.

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How IMSI works

IMSI is a unique code that authenticates and verifies the SIM cards. The service is necessary to serve customers of banks, as it completely eliminates the possibility of fraud with SIM-cards.

The scenario on which the technology is based is developed in three possible ways:

  1. Entering new code to the database. This is the first request; there is no information in the database about the subscriber's actions yet.
  2. Successful code verification. The resulting value is not different from what is recorded in the database. The message is sent automatically.
  3. Code verification problem. If the received value is not identical to the one specified in the database, the SMS is blocked, and the user receives a notification of refusal to complete the transaction. As a rule, a message also contains a recommendation to call the Bank to get the details.

The algorithm on which authentication is built

The Bank receives SOAP Web-service, which is operated on the technological platform of our company. The software on the Bank's platform is responsible for remote calls. The algorithm allows you to request a SIM-card code by phone number and track where the person is, as well as to obtain the status of Devino Telecom service to confirm its availability. In this case, the bank always starts these operations.

What takes place on the part of the Devino Telecom? A message is delivered to the subscriber via SMPP connection. At this point, Devino Telecom sends a request for a reference value to the Bank. It is updated and becomes the first reference. Later, the whole process is performed simultaneously. The code is sent to the subscriber if the value is identical to the first reference. Otherwise, the person receives a notification specifying that the authenticity of the SIM-card is not confirmed, and the operation was interrupted.

In your account, you can view all the data; activate the procedure for obtaining the code, as well as a detailed log of all the requests made. There is also an option to disable verification for a specific client.

If it is impossible to know the reference value due to technical failures, the absence of a subscriber in the network or the limitations of the mobile operator, the system automatically decides whether the message will be sent. The decision is made based on errors occurred.

If you have any questions, our experts are ready to answer them and tell you more about the IMSI service.