Devino Telecom extends its range of services to improve the quality of informing via SMS and introduces a service fee

Along with planning SMS campaigns with managers, and 24/7 technical support SMS-informing users will be able to add a number of services that will considerably improve their informational and advertising communication.

Clients will receive information about mailing list status and execution of technical work via SMS. This will allow to increase the efficiency of transmitting information significantly.

In case any moot points in the client’s relationship with the regulator emerge or if there are any doubts about the legitimacy of an advertising campaign Devino Telecom clients can receive legal counseling according to #38 federal law “On advertising”, point #126 of the federal law “On personal data”.

Case management and marketing consulting will help in developing a qualitative communicational strategy based on SMS-informing, selecting newsbreaks for contacting clients with consideration given to the target audience and the nature of the industry.

All questions on Devino Telecom platform interaction with the client’s informational systems may be settled during a technical consultation. Moreover the company’s experts can consult on CRM: help in organizing communicational strategies, segmenting the database and analytics.

For providing the listed above strategies starting from January 1st there will be a service fee of 5-10%. The final fee is a percent from the sum of the bill depending on the volume of the customer’s traffic by the end of the month.

The service fee is justified by the quality of services provided. The mobile marketing operator places high emphasis on the technological constituent of the business. In 2014 investments in the mobile marketing operator’s infrastructure were over $1 million.

0 5 000 10%
5 001 10 000 10%
10 001 100 000 9%
100 001 250 000 8%
250 001 500 000 7%
500 001 1 000 000 6%
1 000 001 2 000 000 5%
2 000 001 5 000 000 5%

At the moment technological capabilities of Devino Telecom infrastructure are just about as fast and reliable as the Big-3. This became possible due to usage of modern network Cisco and Brocade equipment, servers and data storage systems from world leaders — IBM and HP and also development know-hows with Microsoft . NET and Java technologies. This will provide an unsurpassed level of performance: bandwidth infrastructure of the company currently amounts to more than 6 thousand SMS per second, and the quality of delivery tends to 100%.