Devino Telecom Takes Stock for 2015

In 2015, Devino Telecom celebrated its 10th anniversary and asserted its leadership in SMS-messaging industry in the retail segment.

This was confirmed by the survey of the Russian SMS-services market conducted by Advanced Communications & Media. Devino Telecom ranked 5th among the service providers for the banking sector. The number of Devino Telecom clients exceeds 2,100 businesses. The majority of them are retailers. The focus on large retail chains resulted from the experience of integrations with information systems of retailers and a unique industry expertise.

Based on its hands-on experience of working with retailers and commitment to its clients’ business, Devino Telecom resolved to establish a CRM Club – a society of industry professionals. The Club mission is developing personalized communications in the Russian retail and ultimately enhancing business effectiveness. The quality and effective work with the client base, personalized work with clients in all communication points is of critical importance for business, both during active growth and in times of crisis. The CRM Club expert board includes representatives of the largest retail chains in Russia.

Enhancing the company client and staff expertise was possible due to the training program – the 8 months of work have seen over 500 company clients attend the mobile marketing workshops. The project sought to raise the SMS and Email communications effectiveness, reduction in the number of unwelcome messages and cutting down the amount of negative reactions from end users. The total amount of events includes: 15 workshops held at the corporate headquarters, 1 travelling workshop in Saint-Petersburg, the Mobile marketing day in association with Group and the All-Russia online conference on mobile marketing.

In 2015, Devino Telecom joined the “Rating of Russian Employers” prepared by HeadHunter and Kommersant Publishing House. Devino Telecom ranked 76th among the best national employers, next to Microsoft, VTB24 Bank, RusHydro, SAP and other largest companies.

Devino Telecom experts took part in the largest industry events and specialized conferences including Retail Business Russia, Online Retail Russia 2015, Russian Retail Week, RBC conference etc.

Today our company works to allow our clients to use effective and reliable communication channels. In 2015, we optimized the performance and stability of the platform, which enables the processing of SMS and Email messaging and the work with a personal account. The service availability is maintained at 99.98% and up. The automation of software testing and upgrade releases eliminated platform downtime during routine and scheduled maintenance and mitigated human factor risks. Improved monitoring and incident management procedure allows instant response to deviations from 24x7x365 mode.

A shorter time of client connection and integration (from 2 months down to 1-2 weeks) was achieved due to the development of the new integration core. All large clients were transferred to it, which led to a significantly higher messaging speed.

Also a fundamentally new type of personal account was developed which uses a loyalty card number to work with the client base. The standard personal account received a new service of WA-messaging. If a subscriber gave their consent to communication and is an active user of a messenger, they may be sent a WA-message with a multimedia content.

Moreover, the company experts launched a universal promo-action development solution incorporating a set of standard mechanics and an opportunity to implement individual solutions. Now implementation of promo-actions takes from 1 to 3 days, depending on the matching of the number and prefix, before the start of receiving messages to a short number with an auto answer.

Dramatic reforms also covered Email platform – it was completely redesigned and transferred to its own core, which completely eliminated the need for third-party vendors. The company established a division for e-mail messaging quality control and an ip address pool reputation control. The throughput capacity was enhanced to 1 mln. messages per hour, clients were provided with an API via http and smtp protocol. The platform provides low cost, rapid messaging and high delivery percentage.

Live Chat is incorporated in the personal account and in the web-site for clients’ convenience. Receipt of clients’ applications is accelerated and request time-to-solution is reduced. A flexible SLA setting scheme is developed for the control of indicators per each client.