Investments in Devino Telecom Infrastructure Totaled More Than USD 1M

Today the technical capacities of Devino Telecom in terms of speed and infrastructure reliability approach those of the “Big Troika” operators.

This has become possible due to using the modern network equipment from Cisco and Brocade, servers and data storage systems from the world leaders IBM and HP and a number of know-hows using Microsoft .NET and Java technology stacks. Solutions based on these products ensure unrivaled performance: at the moment the operator’s infrastructure throughput capacity exceeds 6,000 SMS/sec and delivery quality nears 100%.

Additional reliability and fail safety is ensured by direct technical support from the equipment manufacturers. Specifically, support from Cisco SmartNet which envisages replacement of any failing component within a matter of 4 hours. In addition, the company provided for hardware redundancy which totally rules out SPOF risks. Online monitoring and warning facilities, in turn, make it possible to detect hardware/software failures and report them to professionals who immediately proceed to localize and eliminate the problem.

Customers and partners are connected through two independent internet-channels using autonomous IP space and hardware traffic distribution to independent request processing legs. This ensures stable operation at any load level and in any force majeure. The Devino Telecom servers are located in Telehouse Caravan data-centre which has Tier III+ reliability class.

One of Devino Telecom advantages is customer support on a 24х7х365 basis. This means that all requests are processed by the technical service quickly and efficiently at any time of day.

Fail-safety and reliability are crucial for Devino Telecom business as they are the key factors determining the level of customer confidence in the operator. The importance of these criteria is proved by market statistics: operator’s inability to provide the service within dozens of minutes may result in the loss of large customers. The banking sector has even tougher requirements – just a few minutes of downtime is a major incident, while several hours of system shutdown may lose you a good part of customers and severely damage your business.

At the moment, the company has two objectives: raising transparency of all business-processes through automation and cutting transaction costs. To this end, the company invested close to USD100 thousand in the CRM-solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, and another USD200-300 thousand will be invested in automation until the end of this year. Given the cost of equipment, licenses and technology, the total investments will go beyond USD1M by year-end. This is an absolute record for the market of mobile marketing and SMS-notification.