Devino Telecom Holds Industry Workshops on Mobile Marketing

Devino Telecom runs trainings in mobile marketing to improve effectiveness of this communication channel and reduce the negative reaction of bulk-SMS and -Email recipients.

Devino Telecom experts tell about the rules of creating a target base for bulk messaging compliant with the Laws “On Communication” and “On Advertising” when promoting one’s goods and services and help to develop an effective loyalty program based on industry peculiarities.

Another workshop “Mobile Marketing. How to Make Your Customer Read Your SMS?” will take place on 1 October in the company office (19 Leninskaya Sloboda st., Moscow). Start at 16:00.

“Devino Telecom pursues an open door policy: we’ll be glad to see our customers and partners in our office. We offer completely free training in active sales and case-management technologies and training of technical support specialists”, said Danila Shmelev, CEO, Devino Telecom.

The Devino Telecom workshop schedule is distributed to its customers and partners via bulk-Emails. This information is also available on the official corporate web-site

Bulk-SMS and -Emails are universal tools which address a wide range of marketing needs. Against the multitude of opportunities these advertising channels are virtually free of drawbacks and are ideal for customer loyalty programs in any area of business.

The unique nature of SMS- and Email-communication is down to the fact that there is no other channel which would yield such a high payoff with so low prices. The low cost of these marketing tools is driving their popularity among companies from different business areas. Another trend which will develop in sync is the struggle for the quality of distributed content. This is the reason why marketing experts are facing the importance of analyzing the effectiveness of their every advertising action.