Anti-SPAM policy Devino Telecom

Devino Telecom, in the framework of its activities, stands for strict observance of the ban on sending SPAM messages in any form. Using the services of Devino Telecom, the Customer confirms its agreement with this Policy and agrees to comply with it with respect to all messages sent.

What we consider as SPAM?

SPAM are messages that correspond to at least one of the following:

  1. Addressed to persons who did not give their prior consent to receive them.
  2. Contain false information that could mislead or cause damage.
  3. Carry an offensive or defamatory character, incite national, racial or religious hatred, contain obscene words and expressions.
  4. Contain information prohibited by the legislation of the recipient country or the country of the sender of the message.
  5. They do not contain mandatory information provided by the legislation of the recipient's country or the country of the sender of the message.
  6. Include an indication of objects of intellectual property and copyrights, the use of which has not received written consent from their owner.

In addition, high-risk topics are:

  • Loans, loans, microfinance.
  • Political agitation.
  • Insurance.
  • Stocks and bods market.
  • Medicines, medicines, dietary supplements.
  • Sports betting.
  • MLM-companies and network marketing.
  • Services of assistance and optimization of debt on loans, debt collectors.

Such content messages will be blocked and the Customer will be required to provide additional proof of the legitimacy of such a mailing.

Topic prohibited by law should not be contained in the messages sent by the Clients. If such topics are detected, the messages will be immediately blocked. These include:

  • Weapons and explosives.
  • Intimate and escort services.
  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances, as well as their precursors.
  • Prohibited and prescription medications.
  • Alcohol production.
  • Tobacco products, smoking accessories and accessories.
  • Gambling.
  • Substitutes of breast milk.
  • Financial pyramids

Regardless of the contents of the message, the recipient's prior consent is a prerequisite for the legality of the messages.

Do not be considered an expression of consent of users' answers to questionnaire questions, as well as polls in which the item like "I want to receive your materials" is marked by default and the user should remove the mark from him if he does not want to receive any materials.

The fact of sending SPAM (SPAM incident) is the sending of a message in any way available by means of Devino Telecom, which corresponds to the characteristics of SPAM. Delivery of such a message to the recipient does not matter when determining the fact of SPAM mailing.

If you have any doubts about the absence of SPAM signs in your messages, please contact us. We will definitely help you!

Our measures in case of non-compliance with Anti-SPAM policy

Upon receipt of information about the violation of this Policy by the Customer, the provision of services may be suspended until the details of the violation are clarified.

In the process of clarifying the circumstances, information and documents confirming the absence of SPAM signs, as well as explanations of interested persons, will be requested. The client must provide the requested documents within the time specified in the request.

When analyzing complaints, the Client must prove the fact that the message does not contain SPAM attributes. Lack of confirmation will mean that this is a fact of sending SPAM (SPAM incident).

The speediness of the response and the provision of information directly affects the duration of the suspension of services and the possible financial implications of SPAM-mailing!

If the Client carries out or will continue to implement SPAM mailings, we reserve the right to completely suspend the provision of services without warning and without refunding the cost of the Service, as well as send messages about SPAM sent by the Client to the competent authorities and structures.

Without limiting the foregoing, the Client will be liable for any loss or damage suffered by Devino Telecom or any third party, provided that such losses resulted from non-compliance with the terms of this Policy.

If you are a user and consider that you have been subjected to SPAM from one of our customers, please contact us in any convenient way!