Seminar "How to Motivate the Customer to Read SMS"

Mobile communications were discussed at the workshop “Bulk SMS Messaging: How to Motivate the Customer to Read SMS?” which took place in the office of Devino Telecom on 1 October 2014.

Mobile communications provide a closer contact with subscribers than any other communication channel. Bulk SMS messaging is a leader in terms of audience coverage. It is a tool which allows companies to ensure instant receipt of information by their subscribers.

Yevgeniy Danilov, Account Manager at Devino Telecom, spoke about key notions in bulk SMS messaging, trigger and multi-chain messages and effective ways of SMS-communication. He also mentioned operations with the subscriber base: collection of data for the customer base and obtaining consents to bulk SMS messages. Special focus was made on methods of customer database optimization, segmentation and targeting which would help to raise customer communication effectiveness and push up sales.

Concluding the workshop, Yevgeniy Danilov explained legislative regulation of bulk SMS messaging in the light of recent changes in the Federal Law “On communication” and looked into typical mistakes in bulk SMS messaging.