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SMS Bulk Messaging

SMS Bulk Messaging

We will notify the customers on your behalf. We will send SMS messages with the most important information: promotions, discounts, purchase status

The benefits of the SMS Communication service

Small business Big business
  • Single "access point": works with all the operators under one contract for SMS communication, a packaged bill for SMS, detailed reporting
  • SMS personalization: substitute the customer's name, coupon number, date of birth
  • SMS routing service: automatic segmentation of the customer base for each operator, Effortless with ported numbers
  • Turnkey services: We provide guidance in composing the right SMS notification, sales message, and will help you organize an advertising campaign
  • Integration with any CRM: Segmented communication as per the status of the customer base, tracking of analytics and statistics through sent messages
  • Possibility to create multi-channel communication campaigns using cascading manner of sending SMS, Email and other tools
  • Marketing consulting to organize the information and advertising campaigns, assistance in order to prepare effective SMS messages
  • CRM consulting: assistance in order to organize the communication strategies, customer segmentation and analytics
  • A two-level system of traffic pre-moderation, minimization of risks when sending SMS messages
  • Integration with wide-range information and CRM systems
Our team will help you to organize effective distribution of personalized information and advertising messages on behalf of your organization. Devino Telecom SMS notification service is widely used by banks and payment systems, retail, food delivery and taxi services, as well as by government customers. According to statistics, 97.5% of recipients open a message within 5 seconds from the moment of its receipt.

Cost of SMS communication

Want to know the cost of SMS mailing? Write to our managers, they will evaluate the quality of traffic and offer the most favorable personal rate.
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Reviews Cases
Evgenii Therkasov
Director of the Department of Innovative Technologies ORMATEK

Devino Telecom has been our partner for many years. We value them for the quality of the services provided, on-line technical support and highly qualified specialists. Cooperation with Devino Telecom gives us confidence that we provide our customers with the best service possible. We thank the whole team of Devino Telecom! We are ready to continue the implementation of joint projects!

Petr Rozanski
Director of Marketing and Advertising, Yam Restaurants Russia, KFC

In the process of cooperation, Devino Telecom has established itself as a reliable, stable partner, providing timely SMS messaging services, showing excellent quality of work, service and attentive attitude of employees.

Posuda Center
Now "Posuda Center" is a federal-level trading network that occupies a leading position in the market of dishware and household goods of the West Siberian economic region.

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ADAMAS was founded in 1993 and today is the largest jewelry manufacturer in Russia.

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Yves Rocher


Small business Big business
  • 24-hour Customer Service - "we are available 24/7"
  • Step-by-step instructions "how to create SMS communication", "send SMS alert or notification»
  • Consulting and marketing, customer support "from idea to implementation"
  • Legal support as per the interest of the client requirements in case of claims from regulatory authorities

Features of SMS-mailings and messages

Interesting fact: During a recent period of time, both companies and ordinary users of mobile devices considered SMS notifications to be a spam. Now, messages are recognized as one of the most effective communication channels between the company and the consumer. An increasing number of business sectors use this channel not just for bulk SMS messaging but for building a productive dialogue with their consumer. For that reason, all individual preferences and wishes are taken into account.

For responding to business requests, SMS service from Devino Telecom provides different types of communication to every customer:

  1. Transactional messages are used in banking and financial sphere and to inform the customers about any cash flow in their accounts.
  2. Service messages can be found in retail, passenger transportation and tourism industry. Without service SMS notifications, it is impossible to imagine the functioning of the online stores, courier and delivery services. Messages usually do not contain the advertising and are aimed at building customer loyalty.
  3. Personal messages are mostly used for the communications regarding online orders. This type of messages establishes a personal appeal to each customer, by informing them about the progress and status of the order. They allow you to get feedback about the quality of the goods or simply understand the customers’ satisfaction or send wishes/greetings to them on a holiday or a significant event. As per global research in the recent years, it shows that the personal appeal of the SMS notifications has significantly increased the overall loyalty of the customer base and the percentage of subsequent sales.
  4. Bulk messages, as a rule, are promotional kind of communication and do not imply the use of personal data of the user. This type of SMS alerts is usually found in the retail sector, the organization of large training events. To the common people, they come across as a form of information about promotions, discounts, new collections, sales, invitations to seminars, offers to buy tickets to the concert, theatre or cinema.
  5. Corporate communications can be applied in all possible branches of large and medium-sized businesses, where there is always an important issue of coordination of personnel action because it is often the ordinary human ignorance that can be a weakness for businesses. Utilizing of SMS-notifications, the company can broadcast marketing strategies, coordinate document flow, control financial movements or periodically inform its employees about current promotions and special offers put on the market.