Entertainment Industry: How SMS-Notification Can Help You Strike a Party

Each segment of this market is focused on its specific audience: because of the changing nature of the entertainment industry, some find it troublesome to develop loyalty and so they opt for bringing new customers - concert venues, night clubs.

Small thematic establishments with an advanced food and bar culture as well as private clubs face the importance of maintaining customer loyalty. The type of audience predefines the technique that is used to work with it.


Entertainment establishments traditionally use sound or imagery content and manipulate emotions in their promotional communications. When it comes to entertainment and leisure, one can hardly speak about a bottom-line approach or price-based competition. A proven choice for this market is outdoor and media advertising and radio commercials. TV-promotion is used but rarely because every programme change requires new advertising materials, and its high cost deprives video commercials of their efficiency. POSM-materials implemented as flyers is a much beloved promotion means for mid-segment clubs, bars and concert halls. Flyers are distributed through promoters and venue partners: institutions, restaurants or cinemas. A relatively low production cost and high efficiency given the correctly approached distribution and creativity on the flyer has made it an attribute of Russian clubs. SMS-information and rapidly emerging audience notification via messengers is a massive competition to flyers in terms of cost/effectiveness ratio.

Database collection

In the case of mobile ads there's no question of database collection as the responsibility of having subscribers' consent lies with the mobile operator. If there's a need to collect SMS-notification consents, there are various ways at hand. For on-line booking concert venues the best way is to collect consents and phone numbers base directly on the web-site. Bars, clubs and restaurants can collect a database by enclosing a questionnaire in a bill folder or when issuing discount cards. Many clubs use database collection as a means of customer interactivity: they collect questionnaires with consents for the lottery during the event and then raffle random prizes using these questionnaires. Consents may also be obtained by receiving messages to a short number in exchange for an "instant bonus" being free meals or drink. The establishment atmosphere allows for database collection in a relaxed environment thus solving multiple marketing tasks all at once.

Database legality

By law, subscribers need to confirm their consent to receive bulk SMS with certain information. SMS-notification consent must clearly identify the person (full name, birth date, signature, phone number, e-mail). Confirmation of consent is filled-in questionnaires which must be stored indefinitely as web-site logs, electronic copies and paper documents. A telephone conversation with a customer may also serve as confirmation of consent. Where consents are obtained via SMS (e.g. by sending a message to a short number), it is possible to negotiate their storage with a bulk SMS service provider. If consents have been obtained without regard of the legal norms or if the database is several years old, it can be legalized with the service "Database Update".

Service messages

All establishments with on-line or other types of booking are facing the need to send out event reminders via service messages. Establishments with their own card or bonus system have somewhat more options: working hours notifications, holiday greetings and visit thanks. Concert venues with a constantly changing programme can only send the event timetable information to their web-site users who have subscribed to a certain concert category.

Advertising messages

The entertainment industry's ad messages depend directly on programme changes. Seasonal actions, star performances, holiday celebrations - it is useful to remind one's audience about all these events by means of SMS. Bulk messaging capabilities of messengers allow for location-, gender- and age-based targeting helping to win new audience. Importantly, multimedia attributes of bulk messages in messengers can show products to their best: video and picture content - and even the mentioned flyer can be sent in a session like this!