Viber is your future in communications with customers
Boost the level of sales, brand awareness and loyalty of your customers
Viber Bulk Messaging

Viber Bulk Messaging

Official channel for the communication of the service messages, approved by Viber. Register your official Viber channel now and create promotional communication, send transactional messages and communicate with your audience directly in the messenger.

Advantages of Viber messaging

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  • Do not save symbols - the volume of messages in Viber messaging is up to 1000 characters
  • Diversify your regular text messages with multimedia files: video, GIF, and JPEG images
  • Provide a message with a "button" or an active clickable link and track the conversion of advertising in Viber
  • Receive incoming messages from users, collect feedback after advertising or service messaging using Viber
  • The service is approved by Viber and allows you to create your own "official Viber channel" for direct communication with a loyal audience
  • High efficiency of Viber messaging – distribution of the service messages is more than 40% compared to other kinds
  • Control and tracking of message delivery, possibility to forward undelivered messages via SMS service
  • API connection, integration with CRM and other information platforms
Viber рассылки

CChoose one of the most popular messengers in the world. Using Viber, utilise the full potential of this channel by sending newsletters, advertising in Viber and several other unique advantages of an official channel for effective communication with your audience.

Inform your users about promotions, payment of the order, the shipping route of the products, credit issue, fixing an appointment, conducting surveys and improving the quality of the customer service.

Cost of Viber messaging

To calculate the cost of Viber mailing, consult with our managers! They will be happy to help with the issue of registering a name and talk about the possibilities of batch OMNI mailings.
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Register with a personal account, register your official Viber channel and send your first service message today! Do not miss the on the offers that our customers are already utilizing.
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Artem Alaykrinskii
Director of the branch "Central", Euroset

We highly appreciate the joint work with your company and realize that cooperation with you allows us to increase the speed of some internal services.

Elena Shumkova
Drogeri Retail Loyalty Targeting Manager

We have been working with Devino for the 4th year and we can only say words of gratitude!

Always in touch, resolving issues quickly. They will prompt and advise how best to do, give comments, help in a difficult situation, teach, if we still don’t know something.

Understand if something is done out of time. About the quality, speed and cost of services can not speak - always at the highest level!

For the opportunity to communicate in the CRM-club, with excellent experts in the industry, special thanks!

You are the best and we are with you!

Adidas Group
Adidas Group has extensive experience in advertising SMS and email newsletters - the company has been using these tools for more than five years. Adidas newsletters are promotional in nature and are devoted to special offers and promotions that are held in retail stores and on the company's website. The most successful of the promotions held are sales and closed sales for loyal customers.

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Technosila, an omnichannel retailer, has been working in the retail sector for more than twenty-three years to launch a new loyalty program for customer relationship management. An innovative solution allows tracking sales history and implementing all marketing communications.

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Small business Big business
  • 24-hour Customer Service - "we are available 24/7"
  • We will tell you "how to start messaging via Viber"
  • Consulting and marketing, customer support "from idea to implementation"
  • Legal support as per the interest of the client requirements in case of claims from regulatory authorities

Pros and cons of Viber messaging

Now customers have access to many channels of communication with their audience through mobile messengers, but Viber messaging (Viber) has several distinctive advantages:

  • The profitability of messaging - The cost of a single message delivered to the customer is much cheaper than paying for alternative text advertising formats for the company.
  • The informational content of messages - there is no need to be limited to the dry text templates anymore. Complement it with bright photos and active links on your website.
  • Availability – the application can be downloaded and installed free of charge over almost any smartphone, and its further usage will not require any material costs to the user.
  • A constantly growing audience – almost every person nowadays has a smartphone with pre-installed messenger applications, and Viber is one of the most popular ones among them. The statistics show that almost 60% of Russian residents have opened this messenger over the past year, and about 40% of them are constantly using it as one of the main communication channels. This means that communication via Viber will certainly reach its recipient.
  • Ease of interaction – the customer does not need to disconnect from communication channel or business correspondence and exit the application. Switching to a channel is intuitive and requires no special skills.

Despite a large number of benefits, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages.

The primary one is that if the Viber application is not installed on the user's smartphone then it is not possible to send a message via Viber. However, this disadvantage can be easily compensated by the capabilities of our platform and a personal account. Thus, in situations where Viber is unavailable, the ultimate goal will be achieved by SMS messages by setting up a multi-channel communication strategy for every new communication services. As per the statistics, the choice of an integrated approach in the cascade messaging brings greater efficiency and significantly saves the maximum amount of advertising budget. Do not forget that your customers use different channels. Accordingly, the use of more tools significantly increases the chances that a person will receive and read the message addressed to him/her.

Secrets of successful messaging via Viber

What should you consider while planning your communication strategy for your customers via Viber messaging?

  1. Send to your users the specific messages that are potentially interesting to them. Buyers of an online store will appreciate the news about new collections, while readers of the thematic portal would not want to miss the digest of the most popular weekly publications. Following this rule will increase the customers' loyalty to the company.
  2. Send advertising messaging via Viber only to those who have officially agreed to receive the communication. Otherwise, the program will block you without letting you restore your account. Violation of the rules can get one into spam and focused attention from organizations that monitor compliance with the law on advertising.
  3. Encourage the customers to take the action you expect from them. Be sure to add an action button or hyperlink to a message, by clicking on which the recipient will take advantage of your offer.