Try a new communication format - WhatsApp for Business
Talk to your customers directly via the most popular messenger in the world!
NEW - WhatsApp for Business

NEW - WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp messenger is a modern and multifunctional channel of communication with customers. It allows sending messages using a verified name of a brand’s business account, and both users and the company may start a conversation at that.
Launching a new communication channel WhatsApp for business, you will get an opportunity to create a personalized company’s profile, which provides your customers with the most useful information about you: list of services, web-site address, email and postal address for correspondence.
Setting up automatic replies on frequently asked questions helps reduce the workload of a customer support service and reduce reaction time for a message from a customer.
Allowing your customers to choose on their own a mode of communication with the brand via WhatsApp, you undoubtedly enhance the loyalty and mentioning of your brand thank to the massiveness of the channel.


System integration solution for big business at any level


We select a comprehensive solution for a specific business task, taking into account the industry specifics and goal setting of the client. The company's technical staff exceeds 100 people and allows assuming full setup of the system: project management, analytics, development, testing, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and customer service. We provide a high-quality and fast solution to any problems.



We'll enhance your capabilities! We will conduct consulting and marketing research. We'll set up integration with your CRM and CMS: with SAP CRM, Siebel CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle or 1C Bitrix. We'll automate and combine business processes with personnel into a single ecosystem. We will provide legal support and develop a communication strategy to achieve specific goals.



The client receives a comprehensive solution developed for implementation of specific business tasks, taking into account industry specifics. Communication with customers is carried out based on a reliable and high-quality infrastructure by Devino Telecom. Specialists and experts of the company provide operational business and technical support around the clock.


Price of WhatsApp for Business

Launching a WhatsApp channel for your business with Devino Telecom services is completely free! And you can always ask our managers for a detailed message rating scheme and monthly fee.
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Adidas Group
Adidas Group has extensive experience in advertising SMS and email newsletters - the company has been using these tools for more than five years. Adidas newsletters are promotional in nature and are devoted to special offers and promotions that are held in retail stores and on the company's website. The most successful of the promotions held are sales and closed sales for loyal customers.

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The automobile business is developing very dynamically, in addition to active work with the current client base, AVILON uses all the new features and technologies on the market, including SMS and sending messages to Viber.

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Specific features of business account activation in WhatsApp

To start working in WhatsApp for business you will need to:

1. Contact Devino Telecom managers and provide company details for creation of a business account:

  • Company’s name
  • Description of the company’s activities
  • Actual and legal address of the company
  • Link to an official web-site
  • Email address
  • Mobile or landline phone number to which the business account will be linked
  • Link to an official Facebook page of the company

Our managers will fill in a questionnaire, prepare an application for a number verification and help to link it to your Facebook group as a contact number.

2. Wait until the questionnaire will be confirmed and company’s number will be verified.

If you are using a landline number, it will be called at the pre-scheduled time by an automatic support service to communicate a secret code for account activation. The call will be made from the U.S. Facebook headquarters, therefore you have to ensure that your inner ATS (Automatic Telephone Station) supports incoming calls with a code +1. If you use a mobile number, it makes everything much easier - the secret code will be sent directly to your phone.

It is important to note, that if you are linking a mobile number to your business account, you won’t be able to use this number for a private WhatsApp account, that is, as a common user. This number will be irrevocably registered as a contact number of your company.

3. Activate the secret code and start using your WhatsApp business account.

After entering the code the company which applied for a business account will receive a verification mark in the form of a green check-mark by the company’s logo and name in the profile.

4. Notify your users on introduction of a new communication channel.

From now on, you can start to process your incoming messages via your WhatsApp channel by publishing the link to your business account in the widget on the web-site or in other ads. Plus, mass messaging to your contacts is also available for you via Devino Telecom messaging services.