Corporate email newsletter

In many companies, the boss personally communicates with employees at a general meeting. This practice works great in organizations where no more than ten people work. In large corporations, conveying information to everyone is not at all so easy, so Devino Telecom experts recommend establishing a corporate email distribution.

Why do email newsletter is necessary for company employees

The main purpose of the newsletter is team building and optimization of work processes. People who understand management plans and company development prospects are better aware of the importance of their work. They not only provide quality service to customers, but are also loyal to the organization.

Tasks that help solve corporate mailing to employees by email:

  • Clear organization of work.
  • Newsletter.
  • Adaptation of new employees.
  • Motivation for career growth.
  • Getting feedback.

Corporate newsletter info feeds

  • Setting current tasks. It is easiest to formulate a to-do list and designate deadlines in text form. If employees forget the details, they can return to the letter at any time.
  • Notification of new products and services. Not everyone will quickly learn about innovations in the company, although it is knowledge of services and goods that ensures successful sales.
  • Invitation to corporate parties, sending out photographs taken at company events. People love the holidays, so they appreciate the care and imbued with even greater love of the organization.
  • New employee. Introduce the new team member to his/her colleagues: send an email with the photo, name, position and responsibilities of the employee. Do not forget to indicate his/her contacts.
  • Encouragement for the implementation of the plan. Thank the employees who have achieved some success. It is important for a person to see that his/her work is appreciated.
  • A selection of news. The past week news digest is a great idea. It helps employees to keep abreast of what is happening in the company.
  • Publications in the media. Be sure to use this newsletter for corporate mailing to employees by email. Seeing that the result of their work is noted in the media, employees will become more motivated.
  • Customer reviews. Send both good and bad customer reviews to your employees. It will also help improve the service.
  • Company plans. Tell about the prospects for business development and actions that will be taken soon. Highlight growth prospects.

When creating the next newsletter, be aware of what result you expect to receive. Add photos, videos, infographics to letters - this will make them more interesting. Write regularly, but only when you have something to say, otherwise none of the employees will read the messages carefully. Invite everyone to participate in the creation of the mailing list - teamwork forms a strong team.

Devino Telecom: call us and we will help you set up an e-mail newsletter for company employees!