E-mail mailing for a car service

Customer focus is the key to increasing sales and increasing customer loyalty. One of the most effective ways to show that you remember about the client and are ready to solve his/her problem is sending out by e-mail.

When do you need an email mailing

Devino Telecom specialists have compiled a list of information lines that will interest car service customers:

  • Letters with information about discounts, promotions and special offers. Anyone seeking to save money, so the proposal to undergo inspection at a bargain price will attract attention.
  • New services and products. Updating the assortment will not go unnoticed by drivers, so you should talk about it in the email mailing for a car service.
  • Competitions and sweepstakes. People love to play. Give them this opportunity by inviting them to participate in the contest and giving away prizes in the form of discounts and inexpensive souvenirs.
  • Reminder to undergo inspection. In the rhythm of modern life, we forget even the simplest things. Your customers will appreciate the maintenance reminder letter.
  • Notification that the service center received spare parts that the client wants to purchase. Email mailing for a car service allows you to quickly notify customers about the delivery of the parts they ordered.
  • A message that the repair or maintenance has been completed and the car can be picked up.
  • Reminder of the next loan payment.
  • Congratulations on a birthday, New Year, February 23 and other holidays.

Benefits of email mailing for a car service

E-mailing has a number of important advantages:

  • A letter can be drawn up by adding media materials. This will make it more vibrant and informative.
  • There are almost no text limitations.
  • The client will read the email at a convenient time.
  • Detailed mailing statistics will show the percentage of delivered and open emails.

How to gain subscribers

Email mailing for a car service helps to retain old customers and attract new ones, but before sending a message you must obtain the consent of the recipient to receive the newsletter. How to do it?

First, ask for an email address from those who came to the car service personally. Secondly, place a subscription form and a bonus for new subscribers on the site. Statistics show that a discount coupon or a free service perfectly motivates users to leave personal data.

Even if the client does not take advantage of the car service offers immediately, he will certainly return to them later. A competent marketing strategy, including email newsletters, can accelerate this point.

Once you have a customer base, segment it in a convenient way. For example, by car brand. This will make the newsletter more focused, and you are highly likely to reach the target audience.

If you need an email newsletter for a car service, but don’t know where to start, call Devino Telecom. Our experts will help organize the sending of letters and tell you how to write a good text, create a beautiful design and increase conversion.