Email mailing service for fitness

When mentioning email mailings, some marketers are skeptical, but Devino Telecom experts advise against making hasty conclusions. A well-organized email for a fitness club can attract new customers and increase sales. The main thing is to choose good reasons for sending messages and pre-segment the audience.


It is recommended to do an email mailing in the following cases:

  1. Company news. This mailing should be regular. Notify your subscribers about opening new rooms, changing work schedules, and the appearance of additional training programs.
  2. Promotions. Everyone loves discounts. A letter with a proposal to purchase two subscriptions for the price of one or get three lessons with a trainer for free when you buy a subscription for a year is an excellent newsletter for distribution.
  3. Useful information. A newsletter with the trainer's expert opinion on the training regimen, proper nutrition, and the specifics of recovery from injuries will surely “hook” the client and force him/her to open the letter.
  4. Announcements of events. Use the fitness club email mailing to tell your subscribers about specific training and activities.
  5. Congratulations. Send a letter of good wishes in honor of a birthday, New Year or other holiday to increase customer loyalty and remind yourself.

The list of information lines is not limited to five points. Be creative, discover your creativity by setting up an email mailing. Invite clients to participate in the contest, subscribe to the company profile on social networks, take a survey, leave a review. The more non-standard and unusual your letters will be, the more likely they will be of interest to subscribers.

Collection and segmentation of the customer base

Be sure to collect the email addresses and phone numbers of customers to build effective communication. Offer to subscribe to the fitness club email mailing for those who are already engaged and those who are only interested. Place a subscription form and a bonus for new subscribers on the site - every tenth user willingly leaves their contact details in exchange for a discount or promotional code.

Having a database of contacts, engage in segmentation of subscribers. The most popular filters are gender, age, city of residence (if we are talking about a network of fitness clubs), frequency of visits, and others. The Devino.Online platform allows you to use an unlimited number of custom fields up to the segment of clients involved with a specific trainer.

This information will help to make the email mailing as personalized as possible, which will positively affect the conversion and sales. A separate plus will be contacting the client by name.

If you are not sure what your fitness club email should be, call Devino Telecom. We will show you a suitable information guide and ideas for writing a letter. Our goal is your success!