Email newsletter for a delivery service

Informing customers of a delivery service via email is one of the most effective sales tools that should not be underestimated. In addition, it is used to notify about changes in the status of the order, as well as for advertising campaigns and promotions. As a result of the newsletter, customers become more loyal and willingly recommend the delivery service to their friends and acquaintances.

Benefits of email newsletter for a courier delivery service

Devino Telecom experts name the following distribution benefits:

  • Instant delivery and great coverage. Thousands of users around the world receive emails in just one minute.
  • High performance. Subscribers make more orders than those who simply see ads on the Internet.
  • Low cost. Information for email delivery services remains one of the most inexpensive marketing tools.
  • Functionality. The text in the letter can and should be supplemented with media materials interesting to the user.
  • Personalization. After segmentation of the client base, the system is easily configured to send the most individualized messages.

Recommendations for setting up email newsletter for the delivery service

  1. Segment subscribers by gender, age, city of residence. This will positively affect the percentage of open and read emails.
  2. Make mailings regularly, but do not overdo it. It is important that a person gets used to your letters, but he/she should not get tired of them. According to marketers, it’s ideal to send one or two messages a week.
  3. Use a corporate domain - it makes people more trusted. Domains of free email services are often used by scammers for various scams.
  4. Give the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter. If a person changes his/her mind about receiving letters from you, let him/her refuse them, and not send them to the Spam folder.
  5.  Beat the subject line and the first paragraph. It depends on how catchy the first sentences are, whether the person will read the letter. Do not be afraid to be creative.
  6. Insert photos and videos into the letter that will be of interest to subscribers. Share expert opinions on various issues, tell how they work, explain why the delivery of documents should be entrusted to you, etc.
  7. Collect mailing addresses manually. Do not listen to the advice of those who recommend buying a ready-made customer base and working with it. The simplicity of this method hides a direct violation of the Russian law, because companies have the right to send letters only to those who have given official consent to receive the newsletter. In addition to legal issues, there will be problems with the mail: your address will most likely be blacklisted quickly. In order to receive voluntary subscribers, post the subscription form on the website and in social networks, in exchange for personal data, offer a discount. In this case, users often leave their email and phone number.