Email newsletter for a travel agency

Email newsletters for travel agencies can give excellent results provided that they use the correct information lines, write competent texts, attach high-quality photo and video materials to the letter.

Benefits of sending email messages to travel agency customers

Devino Telecom experts call a number of advantages that make informing travel agency customers via email an effective sales tool:

  1. Increase customer loyalty.
  2. Automatic reminder of the upcoming trip.
  3. Keeping in touch with old customers and attracting new ones.
  4. Creating individual offers based on previous user actions.
  5. Low mailing cost and high conversion.

Why do you need to inform clients of travel agencies by email

Newsletter is required in the following cases:

  • Greeting new subscribers. Such a message should be sent automatically to everyone who subscribed to the newsletter.
  • Reminder of tours or hotels that interest a person. If the user over and over examines information about certain tours or hotels, push him/her to book. Send a letter, accompanied by bright and beautiful photographs, as well as a call to make an advance payment, until prices have risen.
  • Booking notification. Distribution of email messages to travel agency clients allows you to instantly confirm that the payment was successful and the tour is booked. Do not forget to attach the contract and all required documents to the letter.
  • Newsletter. Tell about the country, its culture and customs, gastronomic habits, and at the end of the letter, offer to buy a tour at a discount. Marketers are convinced of the effectiveness of such letters.
  • Congratulations on the holidays. Letters in which you congratulate your customers and give them a bonus or discount increase loyalty to the company.

How to build a database of email addresses

The main thing in sending email messages to travel agency customers is to comply with the advertising law, according to which a person must formally consent to receive messages from the company. Neglecting this rule poses serious problems. The question arises: how to collect the email addresses of interested people?

First, post a subscription form on the site. It can be embedded or pop-up. Secondly, invite to subscribe to the newsletter of those who are already in your groups on social networks. Thirdly, tell us about the newsletter to those who personally came to the travel agency. Not all people willingly leave their personal data, so you should additionally motivate them by giving a discount.

Having collected the list of email addresses, segment their owners by gender, age, place of residence. Such an approach will make letters more targeted. This means that the recipient will probably open the message and read it carefully.

If you need an email newsletter for a travel agency, but don’t know how to organize it, call Devino Telecom!