Email newsletter for airline company

Distribution of email messages for airline passengers can significantly increase profits, provided that it was organized correctly. Firstly, you only need to send letters to customers interested in receiving messages - otherwise you risk getting into spam and getting a block. Secondly, an email should attract attention and motivate a person to take an action, that is, purchase a ticket.

Information events for email informing airline customers

Do not send emails often, otherwise customers will no longer take them seriously. Specialists at Devino Telecom advise using the following information events for distribution:

  1. Seasonal sale. Invite subscribers to buy tickets to the sea on the eve of summer vacation. Such an email newsletter for airlines will certainly not leave indifferent those who plan to relax in July and August.
  2. Discounts and promotions. Travelers are always carefully studying the best deals, so a discount on a holiday is a great way to interest a client.
  3. Thematic mailing. Excellent results are shown by the newsletter for the airline. Tell about the most beautiful beaches in Italy or the top five most famous French delicacies, complete the letter with a link to airline tickets, and wait for the first sales.
  4. New items. Your customers will at least be curious about the news on the flights to new countries or cities, so do not ignore this reason for mailing.

Also, all airline customers should receive system messages about the successful purchase of a ticket, flight confirmation, registration for the flight. Notify passengers of flight cancellation or departure time changes. Neglect of travelers will lead them to choose other airlines in the future.

How to compose an email newsletter

First of all, it is necessary to segment the customer base by gender, age, place of residence, frequency of flights. Address by name will make sending emails to airline passengers even more efficient. When working on the text of the letter, remember its structure:

  • Sentence. The essence of the letter in a few sentences.
  • Bonus. Give the client a discount or a compliment from the company if he/she decides to take advantage of the offer.
  • Link to the site, which contains detailed information.
  • Call to action. An important component of good writing. If you have made a truly profitable offer and supported it with a call to action, the client is most likely to go to the site and make a purchase.

Before starting an email newsletter for an airline, it is better to organize a test message sending (100-200 is enough). Thanks to this approach, you can understand how the audience responds to the letter, and make changes. After that, you can start mass mailing.

Email for airlines with Devino Telecom is easy! Still have questions? Call us!