Email newsletter for an insurance company

Marketers recommend regularly informing customers of the insurance organization by email, as this tool significantly increases sales. At the same time, customer loyalty is growing, which is of great importance for the image of the company.

Sending email messages to clients of the insurance company allows you to solve many problems, from the offer to participate in the action to congratulations on the holiday. At the same time, it is not difficult to set up sending emails, especially with the help of Devino Telecom specialists.

The main benefits of email newsletter for insurance companies are instant delivery to thousands of users, low cost and the ability to easily analyze the effectiveness of sent messages.

Why do an insurance company need email newsletter

You cannot do without mailing in the following cases:

  • Reminder about the next payment. In the rhythm of modern life, when almost everyone works at one or two jobs, has a family and a favorite hobby, the need to make a payment is often forgotten. A person will be grateful for a timely reminder.
  • Notification of arrears or assigned examination dates. They are important for the same reason as letters with information about the planned payment.
  • Carrying out operations on the insurance policy, information on settlement of the insured event, making a positive or negative decision on insurance payment. Keep customers up to date with everything that happens.
  • Newsletter. Tell users about the news in the insurance market and offer your services.
  • Discounts and promotions. In this case, the email list for the insurance company is almost indispensable.
  • Offering new services or other changes to the company. Opening a new office or expanding the list of services is a powerful news feed for mailing.
  • Congratulations on personal and public holidays. Anyone likes to be remembered.
  • Gratitude for trust and cooperation.

Email newsletter for insurance can also be supplemented by SMS.

Rules for success of email newsletter for insurance companies

Devino Telecom specialists have prepared a number of recommendations that will help make the newsletter successful:

  1. Regularity. Customers should get used to your letters. However, do not overdo it: no one likes spam.
  2.  The use of media. The format of letters allows you to diversify text blocks. Do not neglect photos and videos.
  3. 3The use of email retargeting. If the client almost made an order on the site, but did not send an application, the system will automatically send a reminder about this by e-mail. Statistics show that such a letter will be received, a third of users clicked on the link to complete the order.
  4. Personal appeal. Name the customer by name, regardless of the mailing topic.
  5. Consent to receive letters. Send messages only to those who have officially agreed to the newsletter.

Devino Telecom: we will organize an email newsletter for an insurance company!