Email newsletter for car dealership

Market research has proven: email newsletter for the car dealership is a necessary tool for sales and customer interaction. It ideally complements the company's social networks and other ways of promotion, so the rejection of email newsletters for car dealership customers is an unforgivable mistake.

When you need to inform customers for the dealership by email

You cannot do without mailing in the following cases:

  • Notification of new services or the opening of branches.
  • Promotions and offers to take advantage of discounts.
  • Notification of receipt of ordered parts.
  • Reminder that scheduled maintenance is required.
  • A message that the vehicle repair is completed and a car can be picked up.
  • Congratulations to clients on personal and public holidays.

Recommendations for setting up email newsletters for a car dealership

Devino Telecom specialists have prepared a number of tips that will help make email client information for the car dealership really effective:

  1. Obtain the consent of the person to receive the newsletter. This is the first step to start with. Offer to subscribe to receive messages to customers who came to the car dealership in person. Also do not forget to create a special form on the site. Emphasize the benefits of the newsletter and the benefits that it will bring, give a small discount to new subscribers.
  2. Personal approach. Most people love it when they are addressed by name - use this when composing the text of a letter. Also configure the newsletter so that the system automatically sends congratulatory letters. The client will appreciate your concern.
  3. Remember regular customers. The efforts of the marketing department should be aimed not only at attracting new customers, but also at communicating with old ones. Invite them for maintenance, make advantageous offers and inform about new car models that are on sale.
  4. Respond quickly to questions from subscribers. If buyers are interested in your letter, and they write to find out more, try to respond within an hour. Otherwise, the client will turn to another car dealership, whose employees will help him faster.
  5. Make offers that are hard to refuse. Quite often, customers are not aware of the special promotions of the car dealership. Email newsletter for the car dealership provides a unique opportunity to present the company's services in the best possible way.
  6. Adapt letters for mobile devices. More than half of users use the Internet from smartphones, so it is extremely important that the text of the letter and photos are correctly displayed on the phone’s display. Do not ignore this advice, otherwise you risk losing customers.
  7. Add photos and videos to letters. Any media materials increase the conversion and the chances of making a purchase.

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