Email newsletter for dentistry

It is no secret that the field of dentistry is one of the most profitable, therefore the competition among clinics is huge. How to attract customers and make them permanent? Firstly, it is necessary to provide high-quality medical services. Secondly, all efforts should be directed towards providing a high level service. One of the important tools that helps to keep in touch with patients is the email newsletter for the dental clinic.

Why do you need to inform dentist clients by email

Devino Telecom specialists have compiled a list of news feeds for distribution:

  • Confirmation of an appointment with a doctor. At the same time, the date and time of admission, the name of the doctor, the address of the clinic, the office number and the telephone number for feedback must be indicated in the letter.
  • Reminder of the appointment. Such a letter is best sent on the eve of the patient’s planned visit to the clinic.
  • Notification of rescheduling. Such a message must be sent if the doctor falls ill or cannot accept the patient for other reasons.
  • Informing about the appearance of new services in the clinic or the opening of branches.
  • Newsletter describing new trends in dentistry.
  • Offer routine examinations for the timely detection of diseases.
  • Invitation to events organized by the clinic. For example, “Health Day”, when everyone can get a dentist's consultation for free.
  • Congratulations to patients on personal and public holidays. Each person is pleased to know that someone remembers him/her.
  • Newsletter with discounts on certain services.

Benefits of email newsletter for dentistry

This method of communication with customers has advantages that distinguish e-mail newsletters from other marketing tools:

  1. People open and read your letter when they have time. Unlike phone calls, email does not distract from work and does not annoy a person.
  2. Patients get used to you and notice the lack of mailing, so a weekly letter becomes a long-awaited for many.
  3. You can convey the necessary information as quickly as possible. If the letter contains a discount coupon, then the probability of a sale grows many times.
  4. Thanks to regular letters in which the name of the clinic appears, in case of problems with the teeth, the patient always knows where to go. In addition, patients who trust their doctor are ready to recommend it to friends and acquaintances.
  5. Efficiency of sending email messages for dentistry is easy to analyze, draw conclusions and improve statistics next time.

Informing clients of dentistry by email will increase sales provided that they are set up correctly, the appropriate time for sending messages, correctly written texts. If you don’t know where to start, call Devino Telecom. Our experts will advise you and help make the newsletter truly effective!