Email newsletter for hotels

It is no secret that in the hotel industry there is huge competition, and attracting customers is not so simple. Social media, advertising on the Internet and on television, distribution of promotional materials on the street are used. Moreover, not all hotel owners use email newsletters for the hotel, and yet this tool is able to significantly increase the number of visitors. The main thing is to use it wisely.

Information cases for informing hotel guests by email

Devino Telecom specialists have prepared a list of information lines suitable for distribution:

  1. Booking confirmation. Such a letter should be a priority - the client wants to be absolutely sure that they will be waiting on the selected dates. When composing the confirmation text, be sure to indicate the dates of booking, time of arrival and departure, type of room. At the end of the letter, duplicate the address and, if necessary, explain how to get to the hotel.
  2. Booking reminder. Send guests a reminder that you are waiting for them. This will help to avoid confusionб if they rescheduled the trip or decided to stay in another hotel, and forgot to cancel your reservation. If the guests are all right, having received your email, they will be convinced that there is no reason for concern. Once again, write down the number of days for which the room is booked, the price and the services included in the price. An optional but pleasant bonus will be information on ongoing events in the city and ways to have a good time.
  3. Request feedback. A request to evaluate the stay will not only help improve the service, but will also show customers that their opinion is important to you. Ask if guests were satisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms, breakfast, communication with staff. At the end of the letter, thank the person who has chosen your hotel and invite him/her to stay with you again next time.
  4. Carrying out promotions, messages about discounts. Statistics show that people are willing to study information about discounts, especially if they allow saving on summer vacations. Already in April or March you can start an email newsletter for the hotel with a proposal to book a room for the summer at a special price. Emphasize the services provided and the benefits of staying at your hotel.
  5. Offers for regular customers. Show that you value the loyalty of your guests and offer accommodation on special conditions. People like to feel that they have privileges.

Tips for writing a letter

A number of general recommendations will help to make the letter interesting and increase the chances that the client will carefully read it:

  • The headline should “catch” from the first words. If it is a confirmation of the reservation, indicate this in the subject line.
  • Create a beautiful letter design, if necessary, contact creative designers.
  • Add a map or driving directions, as well as all contact information, in the letter.

Specialists at Devino Telecom help organize an effective email newsletter for the hotel. Still have questions? Call us!