Email newsletter for infobusiness

Devino Telecom specialists are sure: informing customers about trainings and courses via email is a powerful sales tool that allows you to raise the company to a whole new level.

The simplest and most effective email distribution scheme for the information business is a subscription to a free product and subsequent letters that motivate a person to buy a paid course.

When you need an email newsletter for infobusiness

  • Invitation to the course.
  • The emergence of a new training or master class.
  • Carrying out promotions giving the opportunity to buy a product at a discount.
  • Opening of a new hall.
  • Congratulations on personal or public holidays.

How to write a letter

Email newsletter for infobusiness will only bear fruit if it is organized without gross errors. There are a number of simple rules that help make sending emails as efficient as possible:

  1. The right time. It is best to send letters in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening, when people go home. Also, avoid mailing out on Saturday and Sunday: few people check their emails on weekends.
  2. The correct sender address. Use corporate email. Emails sent from a free email domain are not trusted.
  3. Regular, but not too frequent mailing. Remember that the client is ready to receive messages from you 1-2 times a week. Neglecting this rule will cause a person to mark your letters as spam.
  4. Automated process. Attempts to do the mailing manually are unlikely to succeed, so it is recommended that the organization of the mailing be entrusted to professionals.
  5. A catchy headline. It depends on the heading whether the person will be interested, and whether your message will be read. Compare two options: “An effective sales tool” and “How to attract 100 new customers in 2 days?”. Of course, the second headline will attract more attention. If you are not sure what to write in a particular case, conduct a test email newsletter for the infobusiness: send 100-150 letters with different headers and analyze the results.
  6. Content. The letter should be structured, while it is extremely important to convey its essence in the first paragraph, otherwise the client may quickly lose interest and not finish reading to the end. Practice writing texts or turn to a creative copywriter - the success of the newsletter depends on how competently and “catchy” the idea is stated. The standard advice that is relevant for any information business: when creating a letter, try to keep within half of A4 sheet.
  7. Action button. Encourage a person to make a purchase by adding the appropriate button. Marketing research has shown that it increases the likelihood that a customer will order a product several times.

Devino Telecom specialists will help you set up customer awareness of training and courses via email. Give us a call!