Email newsletter for real estate agencies

Sending emails for a real estate agency is still one of the most underrated selling tools. Instead of an invitation to subscribe, a person receives a message in an online chat or an offer to leave his/her number for a call back. In other words, realtors seek to speak with a potential client in person or immediately make an appointment.

However, properly organized customer information for the real estate agency via email can also significantly increase conversion and increase sales.

Benefits of Email newsletter for real estate agencies

  • The agency maintains constant contact with clients and, if necessary, they know where to apply to conclude a purchase or sale transaction or rent property.
  • News about opening a new office or conducting promotions is instantly delivered to all agency clients.
  • If a person is looking for an apartment or plans to rent an office, he/she will be happy to receive an automatic newsletter with a description and photos of new objects. It is convenient both for him/her and for real estate service.

Information lines

Devino Telecom specialists highlight several key information lines for e-mail distribution:

  • Favorable offers, discounts, promotions. Market research shows that people read these letters with interest. Renting apartments in a newly built house, the upcoming price increase, the ability to arrange a mortgage on attractive terms - these are all excellent reasons for sending out. It is recommended to send such messages to both clients of the agency and potential buyers who have left their contacts on the site.
  • Competitions for homeowners. Keep in touch with those who have ever used the services of your agency: hold events and organize contests with gifts. This will increase customer loyalty. Even if they do not yet plan to contact you again, they will certainly remember you if someone from your friends or acquaintances need the services of a realtor.
  • Additional sale. The owners of apartments in a specific residential complex can be offered to purchase a basement or a parking space.
  • News. The target audience of the email newsletters for real estate agencies is the owners and potential home buyers. Both should be sent a monthly digest of news. The main thing is regularity and informational content. Only in this case, people will look forward to your letters.
  • Alerts to a narrow group of customers. Participants in shared construction will appreciate the agency’s care if it keeps them informed of any news related to construction work.
  • Distribution of useful information. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find answers to emerging questions on the Internet, however, the opinion of professionals is more credible. Tell your subscribers about the nuances of repairs, the return of 13% after buying an apartment or registering a mortgage. Thus, you will become an expert for customers whose opinion they consider authoritative.