Emailing for a beauty salon

Not everyone knows how efficient emailing to beauty salon’s customers could be. Yet, this marketing tool ensures continuous communication with customers, motivating them to use the salon’s offers.

Which purposes is emailing for a beauty salon serving for

Emailing is required in the following cases:

  • Confirmation of an appointment for procedures and any updates related to appointment status (re-scheduling or cancelation).
  • Announcement of new services and new cosmetics added. Such emails noticeably boost conversion, especially if they contain pictures and videos.
  • Recommendations on how to choose procedures. Share tips on which types of care work better for different types of skin and hair. Your subscribers will definitely appreciate this idea.
  • Videos of master-classes and seminars. People always with interest watch videos on topics of their concern, make use of this while managing your emailing.
  • Articles on cosmetology written by experts.
  • Holiday greetings.

Key principles for successful emailing to beauty salon’s customers

Following recommendations of Devino Telecom experts, you will create impactful emailing, enjoyable for your customers and motivating them to make appointments.

  1. Email subject should be catchy. If you have doubts about whether a caption you came up with will be intriguing enough to make a person open an email, test a few options of emailing for a beauty salon.
  2. One email - one subject. This is a golden rule of a good marketing manager. Do not try to squeeze all information into one email, better focus on a single matter.
  3. Stick to uniform design and distinct communication style. Recognizability is your best card to stand out from competitors.
  4. Clickable images. Sometimes a user automatically clicks on an image. Make use of this and redirect them to your web-site or the salon’s page in social networks.
  5. Intersperse your text with visuals - pictures and videos. People are used to the visual perception of information, for this reason, pictures of procedures or cosmetics will certainly spark interest.
  6. Draft a simple email template. The abundance of links, buttons and information will be confusing for customers and most likely make them close an email.
  7. Insert a call for action into an email. As a rule of thumb, a special button saying “buy”, “order” or “make an appointment” will serve for this purpose.
  8. Proper emailing time. Send your emails asking yourself: “Is it convenient to read it at this time of the day?”.

Should you have any remaining questions regarding emailing to beauty salon’s customers, contact Devino Telecom by phone or email. Our experts will give you professional advice and help in creating efficient emailing, which will attract new customers and remind those who haven’t been on procedures for a while about your salon.