Emailing for a health center

Day by day emailing for health centers gains in popularity: it allows keeping in constant touch with patients, inform them about new procedures and timely notify them on any changes related to a doctor's appointment (re-scheduling or cancellation).

Devino Telecom will provide you with a professional “turnkey” emailing for clinic’s customers.

When emailing for a health center is needed

Emailing is required in the following cases:

  • Confirmation or reminder about an appointment, or otherwise, notification on cancellation of a patient’s appointment under force majeure (illness of a doctor, water/power blackouts , etc.), when the appointment has to be re-scheduled. Note: such service notifications by no means have to be also sent via SMS so that a person will receive the information regardless of whether he or she has access to the internet.
  • News on a new clinic’s branch opening, new services added.
  • An invitation to take part in a promotion, to make use of a discount.
  • Greetings with personal or state holidays.

Statistics show, that emailing for a health center boosts the loyalty of patients to the clinic.

Rules of impactful emailing for clinic’s customers

Devino Telecom experts prepared recommendations, which will help to make emailing truly engaging for users:

  1. Adaptive email design. As of today more than half of users check their emails using their smartphone. Design and any media content have to be created taking into account that a person will be reading an email from their phone or tablet.
  2. Adding media content: pictures and videos. Tremendous competition pushes marketing managers to search for additional ways to attract customers’ interest. In case of emailing for a health center it could be an interview with doctors or reviews of new procedures, links to which are integrated into an email body.
  3. Integration with social networks. Give users a possibility to subscribe to your social network accounts, for this do not forget to put a respective call for action in an email with a clickable logos.
  4. Catchy headlines. Email subject should attract attention, otherwise it will be moved to trash. Some examples of good headlines: “Is Life Pain? We’ll fix it!”, “5 Ways to an Unforgettable Smile”.
  5. An action button. If you are telling about a specific service, encourage a user to order it. The action button “Make an Appointment” or “Get this Service” will do perfectly for it.