Emailing for a taxi service

Each year the number of taxi services is growing, entailing a logical question: how to stand out from competitors and enhance the loyalty of passengers? The answer might seem unexpected - with the help of emailing for taxi services. Many underestimate this mode of communication with customers, yet marketing surveys unmistakably confirm its efficiency.

When emailing for taxi service’s customers is needed

Emailing allows you continuously keeping in touch with your customers. Which occasions could be used for emailing?

  • An offer to make use of a discount, to take part in a promotion, to subscribe to a bonus program. People are happy to save money, so they will regard such email with interest.
  • Confirmation of order, notification on a number of a taxi to be delivered. In case of cancellation or change in time - respective notification. Even if you are sending SMS with order details, backing this information up in an email won’t hurt.
  • Company news and updates. Tell about new cars added to your taxi fleet. Customers who put their comfort first sure will go through the information you’ve sent.
  • Greetings with personal and state holidays. Send your congratulations to people and add promo-codes for discounts as gifts.

Role of emailing in business

According to Devino Telecom experts, this marketing tool has numerous advantages:

  1. Emailing for a taxi service removes part of the load on operators. Accordingly, work duties are redistributed differently, and employees manage to perform better.
  2. Customers’ base can be grouped by gender, age, order frequency. This optimizes its management and makes messages more targeted.
  3. Most users open emails and at least scroll through it not to miss any important information. Make use of it to better present your service. High-quality pictures and videos help creating a positive image of your taxi service.
  4. Under the loyalty program, both your emails as well as emails from your partners could be sent out.
  5. By organizing scheduled emailing, you can design more tailored scenarios of interaction with your customers. Some emails could be sent to remind about your service, while other emails serve to inform about special offers and convince to make an order. In case of taxi services, it could involve trips on premium-class cars.
  6. With the help of emailing for taxi service’s customers you can boost your web-site traffic, which will have a positive impact on its ranking by search engines in organic searches. The new audience will be of high quality and ready to interact at that.
  7. Even if a customer has not made an order, he or she will recall an email with a discount when a friend or acquaintance needs a taxi.