Emailing for an online store

To date, email information for the online store is recognized as one of the most effective sales tools. A correctly written letter attracts attention and stimulates the customer to make a purchase.

Customer base

Compliance with the law on advertising obliges the company to obtain the consent of customers to receive news and promotional information.

How to do it?

  • Offer to subscribe to the mailing by placing a special banner on the main page of the site.
  • Use the pop-up form for sending emails to the online store.
  • Create a separate page where you can talk about the benefits of a newsletter.
  • Redirect subscribers on social networks to a site where they can leave their contact details.
  • Add the mailing subscription item to the registration form.

Pop-up form shows the best results. However, in itself, it rarely lives up to expectations - a proposal to subscribe must be accompanied by a bonus, discount or a small gift. In this case, the person will willingly leave an email. But be careful: excessive obsession and repeated emergence of a pop-up form can lead to the fact that the user simply leaves the site.

In addition, there are offline ways to expand the customer base. The most common of them is filling out a questionnaire at points of sale and at company events.

How the emailing for an online store should look like

Devino Telecom experts recommend that you adhere to the following email structure:

  • Header. Place the company logo, contacts, popular sections of the site (payment, delivery, FAQ).
  • Promotion. There are no people indifferent to gifts. Offer a third item for free or a store compliment when you purchase for a certain amount. Thus, you motivate a person to place an order.
  • Assortment. Present one product or line - depending on your goals, both options will achieve your goal and increase customer loyalty.
  • Limited duration of the promotion. Indicate that you can use the offer only within a certain number of days from the moment of receipt of the letter - this will help to avoid a situation where the client defers the purchase “until better times” or comes for goods that are no longer on sale.

Informational occasions

When emailing is obligatory?

  • News about the opening of an additional branch, updating the assortment, the receipt of new goods.
  • Request to write a review about the product and the company.
  • Congratulations on personal or public holidays.
  • Reminder that the product is in the basket and the checkout process is not completed.

 Automatic emailing for an online store

In contrast to letters dedicated to information occasions, auto-links are a reaction to user actions. For example, a welcome letter is sent by the system after registration.

There are several types of automatic letters:

  • Bonus for a subscription. The client receives a promotional code or a compliment from the company to the specified email.
  • Reminder about the possibility to use the bonus. The optimal time is three days before the expiration of the coupon or promotional code.
  • Welcome letter. It is most correct to send it the day after registration, otherwise it will be lost among many letters.
  • Please write a review. Typically, the user receives a similar letter after one to two weeks, there is no clear regulation.
  • Motivation for action - that is, to re-purchase. The regularity of mailing directly depends on the statistics of your sales.

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